Now Available on Apos Audio: TOPPING DX3 Pro+ Bluetooth DAC/Amp

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Apos Audio now carries the TOPPING DX3 Pro+ Bluetooth DAC/Amp.

This DAC/Amp uses a new bluetooth chip from Qualcomm and TOPPING has managed to outperform their bestselling classic DX3 Pro, while coming in at a cheaper price point. The DX3 Pro+ is also a great companion to their PA3s Fully Balanced Amplifier

The DX3 Pro+ can be used as a DAC, a headphone amp, a headphone amp plus line out, and a pre-amplifier. With its NFCA circuit, it can drive sensitive IEMs and power hungry headphones equally. Two gain settings make it adaptable to most headphones as well. It can connect to both iOS and Android devices using a wired or Bluetooth connection.

TOPPING DX3Pro+ Bluetooth DAC/Amp

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