Meet the Apos Ray 6SN7 Reserve Vacuum Tube

Have You Hugged Your Ears Today?

We're excited to introduce the Apos Ray 6SN7 Reserve Vacuum Tube—the elite tier of our Ray lineup, notable for audiophile-grade sound quality. For a limited time only, we’re selling a single tube at an introductory price of $184.99 (normally $209.99). We also sell them in pairs and quads.

The New Standard: Hand-Selected and Rigorously Tested

Unlike the New Old Stock (NOS) tubes that dominate the market, our Apos Flow tubes are a breath of fresh air. Each tube is brand new, hand-selected, and subjected to rigorous testing to ensure it meets our uncompromising quality standards. By choosing our newly-produced tubes, you're choosing reliability and next-level sound reproduction. 

Reserve: The Best of the Best

The Apos Reserve series is crafted for the audiophile, designed to elevate hifi devices to new heights. The vocals emerge as a revelation—smooth, lifelike, and beautifully present. The treble strikes a perfect balance, crisp yet laid-back, avoiding any harshness while maintaining a pleasing clarity. The bass is full and authoritative, underpinning a soundstage that's as realistic as it is breathtaking.

Silk-Screen Printed Logos

Our love of quality craftsmanship extends to the smallest details, including our logos, which are silk-screen printed onto each tube. This time-honored printing technique yields results that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also durable, ensuring the design work remains vibrant and intact over time.

Product Highlights

  • Hand-selected and tested
  • Gold pins for corrosion resistance and excellent conduction
  • A significant upgrade over standard NOS tubes
  • Low noise and microphonics
  • Only 5% of produced tubes meet our standards for voltage, current, and sound signature
  • Apos 3 month warranty against manufacturing defects

As always, when you buy the brands you love on Apos Audio, you not only get the original manufacturer’s protections and guarantees, but you also get the Apos Audio Promise you've come to appreciate. All products come with a manufacturer’s warranty via Apos along with our 30-Day Lowest Price Guarantee and a 45-Day Return policy. Want to save even more? Browse our collection of discounted and refurbished Apos Certified products.