ErgoDox 76 Hot Dox V2 Mechanical Keyboard

The Actually Ergonomic Keyboard

Say hello to the ErgoDox 76 “Hot Dox” V2 Mechanical Keyboard, a game-changer for anyone who’s ever felt that twinge of discomfort after a long day of typing or gaming. What sets the Hot Dox V2 apart is its unique split design, which allows you to customize it to your own ergonomic comfort-level. Adjust each half of the keyboard to match the natural resting position of your back and shoulders. No more hunching over a tiny desk space—spread those shoulder blades out and relax into your natural posture. 

Now let’s talk thumbs. It’s wild to think that in all our keyboarding years, we’ve mostly just used these powerful digits to hit a single spacebar. The Hot Dox V2 turns that idea on its head with six programmable keys for each thumb. These programmable key clusters allow you to unlock your thumbs’ full potential, enabling them to do so much more while you game, code, and type. 

The Hot Dox V2 doesn’t skimp on customization either. With hot-swap sockets, you can switch up your keys whenever you’re ready for a change—no soldering iron needed. 

And because we all love flashy things, the Hot Dox V2’s design is also something to write home about. Nestled between durable acrylic, the aluminum switch plate not only looks sleek but offers a peek into the keyboard’s mechanical workings. 

Whether you're a gamer, a writer, or just someone who spends a lot of time at a desk, this keyboard is about making that time as comfortable and personalized as possible.

Product Highlights

  • 76 key split ergonomic layout
  • Hot-swap sockets for easy switch customization
  • Independent keyboard halves functionality
  • Pre-assembled with layer indicator screen and RGB backlighting
  • USB Type C connectivity
  • Optional PBT DSA keycaps
  • VIA firmware for real-time configuration
  • One-year manufacturer warranty

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