Meet the FiiO K11 Desktop DAC/Amp

A Symphony of Sound and Simplicity

The K11's design philosophy is simple: high-quality audio should be accessible to everyone. With its robust set of features, this compact device stands as a testament to FiiO's commitment to delivering excellence in every note.

Harmony in Connectivity

Your search for a DAC/Amp that fits seamlessly into your existing setup ends with the K11. The device's array of inputs — USB, optical, and coaxial — alongside outputs like 4.4mm, 6.35mm, and RCA line-out, ensure that it integrates effortlessly into your audio environment. The innovative design, which combines coaxial input and output into a single connector, simplifies your setup without compromising on functionality.

Power in Your Palms

The K11's impressive 1400mW output is a testament to its power. It confidently drives high-fidelity earphones and headphones, even under a 300Ω load, ensuring that your audio gear reaches its full sonic potential. This power is not just about loudness but about the richness and depth of sound that can be achieved.

Tailored Listening Experience

With the K11, you have the freedom to navigate through various audio profiles. The device offers a range of gain levels and volume curves, each precisely tuned to match a wide spectrum of headphones. This feature ensures that whether you're using sensitive IEMs or demanding headphones, your listening experience remains top-notch.

A Sanctuary of Sound

The K11 isn't just about power; it's also about purity. The internal circuitry is designed for maximum clarity, with over 16 low-noise LDOs providing voltage stabilization. An external power supply maintains a steady flow of clean energy, resulting in sound quality that's both pristine and powerful.

A Study in Elegance

The K11's sleek design fits seamlessly into any desktop setup, while the anti-slip pad ensures stability during intense listening sessions. This balance of aesthetic and practicality makes the K11 a valued addition to your space.

Visual and Tactile Delight

The K11 features a custom VA display, offering durability and clear information about your music's technical details. The adjustable RGB lighting on the FiiO logo adds a customizable, subtle flair to your space, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal.

The Central Command

Simplicity and functionality converge in the K11's multi-function knob. This singular control point streamlines your user experience, enabling you to power on, navigate menus, adjust volume, and toggle between LO/PO modes with intuitive ease.

Effortless Integration

The K11's USB DAC mode caters to those seeking straightforward compatibility. It eliminates the need for drivers on modern systems and extends its plug-and-play simplicity to both music and gaming platforms.

Product Highlights

  • Multi-Input Options: USB, optical, coaxial
  • Power Output: 1400mW, handling a 300Ω load with ease
  • Tailored Listening: Adjustable gain levels and volume curves
  • Advanced Circuit Design: Ensures clarity and stability
  • Elegant Build: Sleek aluminum alloy body with anti-slip pad
  • Custom VA Display: For real-time audio information
  • User-Friendly Interface: Multi-function knob for easy control
  • Seamless Compatibility: Plug-and-play with modern systems, including game consoles
  • Key Specs: CS43198 DAC, supports 384kHz/32bit PCM, DSD256