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Have you ever watched Linus drop yet another piece of tech and thought, "Man, I wish I had something Linus-proof on my desk"? Your wish is our command. Introducing the Linus Tech Tips Keycap Set—a perfect blend of durability and style that even the clumsiest among us (yes, we're looking at you, Linus) would have a hard time shattering on the floor. 

Why You'll Love These Keycaps

This set not only pays homage to our favorite tech guy’s quirks but is also built to withstand just about anything you throw at it (or drop it onto). Crafted from robust PBT plastic and sporting a comfortable Cherry profile, these keycaps are here for the long haul. Plus, they come with that satisfying "thocc" sound at every press thanks to their thick construction. 

Fan-favorite colors

We dove deep into the Linus Tech Tips lore to handpick colors that resonate with fans and the team alike. From the official LTT brand colors to Sarah’s personal favorite Pantone orange, it’s having a piece of Linus Tech Tips history right at your fingertips.

Compatibility? We've Got You Covered

Whether you're rocking a full-size board, a TKL, or our sleek WhiteFox Eclipse, these keycaps fit like a glove. Thanks to their PBT construction, they're not only resistant to wear and tear but also won't get shiny over time. And those dye-sublimated legends? Crisp, clear, and ready to outlast your typing adventures.

Update - March 29th, 2024

Fill out the Linus Tech Tips Keycaps Suggestion Form

We've been getting a ton of feedback from the community about additional kits and designs they'd like to see. In an effort to organize all this feedback, we've created this form. Let us know here what layouts and designs you'd like to see!

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