SMSL DA9 Amplifier Now Available on Apos Audio

More than meets the eye

On first blush, the SMSL DA9 looks pretty much like the rest of the SMSL lineup: bright-screened, modestly-sized, wagging its little dog tail of a Bluetooth antenna. Unpretentious as a Labrador.

But come a bit closer and you’ll find that it’s reserved some sensual surprises for your fingertips as well as a screaming specs sheet.

Its corrosion-resistant anodized surfaced and chamfered edges are a delight to touch, notching the DA9 into a slightly higher class of sophistication.

And its specs sheet? How does 150W x2 (2Ω) of power sound? Here are some more of its highlights:

  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • NJRC NJW1194 volume control chip
  • Balanced input
  • CNC precision processing
  • SMSL SDB patented sound
  • Color LCD display
  • Remote control
  • Subwoofer preamp out
  • 8 EQ modes


The strong and silent type.

 Inputs: XLR, RCA, Bluetooth 5.0; Outputs: RCA, Subwoofer


Eight EQ modes.

Head on over to the SMSL DA9 product page for more details, and if you need more information please contact our dedicated Support Team via live chat online or email us at

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