Moondrop Variations Tribrid: New IEM Frontier at Apos

The Moondrop Variations is an all-new tribrid IEM combining one dynamic driver, two balanced armature drivers, and two electrostatic drivers. The combined efforts of these various approaches makes for a unique and unforgettable IEM experience. The dynamic driver provides fast-resolving bass with an ultra-thin 9um diaphragm. Two Softears balanced armatures subdivide the middle range of frequencies for top-notch realism. And two Sonion high-efficiency electrostatic tweeters provide sparkly high-end playback. 

Product highlights

  • 1 dynamic driver provides fast-resolving, fully extended bass

  • 2 balanced armatures reproduce stunningly vivid mids

  • 1 electrostatic driver provides sparkly, realistic highs

  • Accurate phasing and excellent frequency response 

  • Ergonomic fit and skin-friendly texture

  • Moondrop VDSF target response tuning

  • Detachable 0.78mm cable


Ergonomic fit and skin-friendly texture


Accurate phasing with 3D-printed acoustic channel 


A wealth of accessories 

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