This is Your Endgame: Zeos Reviews the Meze 109 Pro

Note: This article is based upon the video "STOP BUYING HEADPHONES" made by Z Reviews on his YouTube channel and is printed here in partnership with Z Reviews. The review was originally posted on December 11th, 2022. Edits have been made for clarity and length. The Meze 109 Pro is for sale on Apos Audio. 


This could be the very last headphone you buy, if you’re one of those normal people. I dream of the day I could be a normal person again. If you’re one of those people that sometimes listens to music or watches TV with some headphones on, this would be it. 

People asked me recently what’s my desert island headphone, and it would be the Meze Liric. Meze Liric! Because they’re very calming and loving and soft. And guess what? The 109 Pro is that but in a dynamic open back. They’re like the Liric’s but the detail retrieval has been reduced by 7.5%, and the cost has been cut by 60%. And they’re honestly prettier. 

If you want a headphone that is inoffensive in every single way that it matters, these are the headphones. They just do music. They do it in a way that’s smooth and concise and–quality. The word is quality. Build quality, design quality, sound quality. 

Sound quality

If you’re looking for faults in your music, stop. Don’t get these. They smooth out all the bad. There’s so much bad in your music, and you don’t realize it until you’ve really sat down with a set of headphones that reveal it to you. But with these, you'll never know what sucks. Everything is presented like through a stained glass window. Like you can tell how bright your music is and how beautiful it is. These headphones are lying to you, basically. They’re the best liars I’ve ever heard. And that’s not a bad thing. Please please don’t take that as a bad thing. 

I feel bad for anyone else developing a dynamic headphone under $1000, because you’re useless now. They’re useless. Whatever you’re making, stop. Just stop. 

These headphones remove all of the dirt. They’re the Mr. Clean headphones. All the dirt and grime and bad that you didn’t really notice before is gone. 


Um. The default wires are bad. They have meh default wires (that are still fine). 


They’re just startlingly good headphones, and they’re startlingly pretty headphones. And, despite being $800, I think for what you’re getting is more than what you pay for. They’re an exceptionally comfortable pair of headphone that can make me blather on like an idiot for 24 minutes. 

Just get these, relax on your couch, put your socks on, listen to the Meze 109 Pro. You’re done. If you just want to quit audiophilia, this is your ticket out.