TOPPING D10s Reviews Compendium

Compendium updated February 17th, 2021

It wasn't so long ago that the price of a 32-bit desktop DAC was outside of most peoples' grasp. That's no longer the case in today's market, with a groundswell of affordable Hi-Fi products from companies like TOPPING. For just over $100, the D10S boasts performance that used to be exclusively in the ambit of recording engineers.

We’ve compiled reviews from across the web for your reference. What you’ll find here are the TLDR versions of the full reviews (which you can access with the provided links). We’ll continue updating this compendium as reviews come in. 


From Audio Science Reviews' review of the TOPPING D10s DAC, first published on July 22nd, 2020:

"My favorite little DAC has grown up in performance and to some extent in price. Measured performance is stellar for the category leaving just enough gap for state-of-the-art DACs to make a living with higher performance and cost. If you want a very performant DAC, that is nice to look at but doesn't cost you much, D10s is for you. And oh, the USB to S/PDIF and Toslink bridge is a bonus (or demerit if you need those as inputs).

"I am happy to strongly recommend the Topping D10s DAC."


From Z Reviews' review of the TOPPING D10s DAC, first published on September 28th, 2020:

 “If you’re just somebody looking for a decent $100 DAC, here it is.”


From John Darko's review of the TOPPING D10s DAC, first published on October 23rd, 2020:

 “The TOPPING can serve as a USB-SPDIF converter.”

“With the USB-SPDIF converter, I think the TOPPING [D10s] really steps ahead of the Schiit [Modi] in this particular scenario.” 


From Headfonics' review of the TOPPING D10s DAC, first published on July 31st, 2020: 

“Although the D10s kept the looks of its predecessor, I’m happy to see it has quite a few improvements from the original D10. It has a lower output impedance giving it a bit more versatility when it comes to amp choices. The more updated DAC chip also enables it to reach a much lower noise floor rarely seen at this price point.

“Although lacking in the ability to present a dynamic bass or the nuances of the vocal range, the D10s has performed well beyond what I can expect from its price point. I love how it has a very flat frequency response, leaving the coloration to the downstream equipment, and how it is able to image quite well for an entry-level DAC.

“With the improvements that Topping has done for the D10s, I’m happy to say that it is a solid performer at this price point.”


From Headphonesty's review of the TOPPING D10s DAC, first published on August 11th, 2020:

“...if you simply need a great working DAC, with a USB input and single RCA analog output, and almost no other bells or whistles (other than a display), it’s hard not to excitedly recommend the D10s.

“$100 these days buys you top(ping) tier performance. Amazing!”


From iiWireviews' review of the TOPPING D10s DAC, first published on September 5th, 2020:

“Topping D10s looks the same, but it’s actually a proper upgrade on the inside. It is a capable device that will not disappoint the first time DAC buyers or anybody moving from a few years old budget models such as the original D10 or D30. If there’s an argument against D10s, it would be the existence of a slightly more expensive and more feature-packed E30. That said if you don’t feel like needing those additional features, and you’re certain you wouldn’t upgrade your DAC with a low noise power supply, Topping D10s is as good a budget DAC as they come.”



From HiFiNext's review of the TOPPING D10s DAC, first published on October 27th, 2020:

“As a result, the Topping D10s certainly has disadvantages, but if we consider the DAC taking into account the price, then in this way it is quite good. Clear transparent sound at medium frequencies, correct dynamic bass and very good for its class treble. Yes, it is slightly lacking in expressiveness, but this more than covers the presence of details and accuracy of scene construction that we have here.

“The main advantage of the device is the new ESS ES9038Q2M chip which gives an incredible experience compared to other competitors and the previous D10s model in General. However, do not forget about the disadvantages – this is the lack of a separate power supply.

In any case, for $99 you get one of the latest chip that can show you an amazing level of transparency and presentation. We recommend it as a starting device in order to understand whether you need something more.”


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