TOPPING D90 MQA DAC Now Available on Apos Audio

Exclusive Launch: Experience the Pinnacle of Sound with TOPPING D90 MQA DAC, Now at Apos Audio in the US

Apos Audio is proud to be the exclusive TOPPING launch partner for the new TOPPING D90 MQA DAC here in the US. It is available in both black and silver, and it can be ordered from TOPPING D90 MQA’s product page on Apos Audio. Apos Audio customers will be the first in the world to experience the TOPPING D90 MQA DAC.

Originally launched in December of 2019, the TOPPING D90 represents the pinnacle of a new class of DAC with the AK4499 D/A chip from AKM. Deservingly, it has received rave reviews from the audio community. 

The new D90 MQA adds the cherry on the top of the cake and completes the D90 product family by adding the functionality of MQA decoding.

Compared to MP3, which delivers just 10% of the original studio recording, MQA reveals every detail. After capturing the recording, MQA's award-winning technology captures and authenticates the sound, while packaging it in a file small enough to stream or download. Finally, when paired with an MQA decoder, like the TOPPING D90 MQA, the MQA file reveals the original master recording.

As with all purchases, when you buy from us you get the Apos Promise for Free Priority Shipping, an Extended 2-Year Warranty, a 45-Day Return Policy, and our 30-Day Lowest Price Match.