Experience Electrostatic Bliss with the TOPPING EHA5 Amplifier

Are you ready to experience the ultimate audio performance with the TOPPING EHA5 Electrostatic Headphone Amplifier? Designed specifically for electrostatic headphones, the EHA5 aims to help you unlock your headphones' full capabilities and bring you an unparalleled listening experience.

Outstanding noise control and immense power output

One of the standout features of the EHA5 is its exceptional noise control. With an impressive 146dB SNR and noise levels below 35uVrms at low gain and 80uVrms at high gain, the EHA5 eliminates any audible noise, allowing you to focus on every intricate detail of your music. Moreover, it boasts a remarkable 700Vrms and 2000Vp-p output swing, surpassing competitors and ensuring your electrostatic headphones perform at their peak.

Seamless integration with your audio setup

The EHA5 comes equipped with a 12V Trigger input interface, allowing you to link it with other devices and switch them on and off without having to power each one individually. This convenience makes it an excellent addition to your existing audio setup. Additionally, its pass-through function ensures seamless switching between electrostatic headphones and other audio systems when your DAC has a preamp function.

Product Highlights

  • Exceptional noise control
  • 146dB SNR
  • Powerful 700Vrms and 2000Vp-p output swing
  • 12V Trigger interface for easy on/off switching
  • Pass-through function for seamless audio system switching

TOPPING EHA5 Electrostatic Heapdhone Amplifier

The backside of the TOPPING EHA5 Electrostatic Headphone Amp


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