Vinyl Heads, Apos Audio Needs Your Feedback!

Update Jul 14, 2022: Based on the comments in the first survey below, we’ve created a second feedback form for you to tell us what cartridges and accessories you'd like to see in our store.



Apos Audio is expanding! We’ll soon sell record players, loudspeakers, and vinyl accessories from Kanto, Audio Technica, Pro-Ject, and other world-renowned brands. Just like every product we sell, all of these products will carry our extended warranty, 30-day lowest price guarantee, 45-day return policy, and free shipping!

So, vinyl heads, what sort of gear would you like us to sell? Take five minutes to fill out our Google form, and we’ll send a thank you gift to your email address.

Notes: Here is the direct link to the form in case there are issues filling it on the page here.