4 Reasons Audiophiles Love HiFiMAN HE400se Headphones

If you'd like to read professional reviews of the HiFiMAN HE400se, head over to our HiFIMAN HE400SE Reviews Compendium. If you'd like to know what everyday audiophiles are loving about their personal pair, stay here.

We've rounded up some top comments from Headfi, Reddit, and elsewhere to give you a glimpse into what average music lovers are liking about this innovative entry-level headphone.

1. Their vocal reproduction

“Vocals are what blows me away though, It sounds very full and natural."

    -Headfier Knalpot

2. Their clarity and attack

“The clarity and attack sound like a $500+ IEM"

    -HiFiGuides user PopinTeddy

3. Their value

“If you are relatively new to this hobby or/and want to try a planar, this is an absolute bang for your buck, great for music, gaming, movies and immersion."

   -HiFiGuides user DboyMac

4. Their detail retrieval

“The biggest thing I notice is that there is more detail through the HE400SE's than with the HD-6xx's. Spacious and airy are both good terms to describe my experience. On Calexico's "Sonic Wind" from the Live At The Barbican DVD the breathing of the musicians as well as the sounds of fingers moving on strings is more pronounced.

    -Audio Karma forum user noprayer