Apos TOPPING-90 Ensemble

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Apos Ensembles are equipment bundles that have been specially curated by our team of audio professionals. Just as an ensemble refers to a group of musicians playing together, each of our ensembles is a coordinated group of equipment that we’ve brought together to form a superior listening experience. 


Meet the TOPPING-90 Series Ensemble

The TOPPING-90 Series Ensemble is a supergroup of performers. The Topping D90SE/D90LE DAC and the Topping A90 Discrete work in perfect harmony, decoding and driving music above a pitch-black backdrop. An Apos Flow XLR cable connects the two with pure-copper clarity. 

The TOPPING-90 Series Ensemble includes:

    Spec Summary

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    • Dual ES9039SPRO chips for superior audio quality
    • Advanced CPLD processing for minimal jitter
    • Innovative I/V conversion circuit for clarity
    • Authentic sound reproduction with ultra-low THD+N
    • High-resolution wireless audio with Bluetooth 5.1
    • Universal compatibility for easy setup
    • Versatile output modes with XLR and RCA options
      Topping A90 Discrete Headphone Amp
        • Headamp/pre-amp
        • NFCA discrete modules
        • 9800mW x2 output power
        • Outputs: 4-pin XLR, 4.4 balanced, 6.35mm SE
        • R2R relay volume control
        • Ground loop noise terminator
        • 12V trigger interface
        • 2 gain settings
        • <0.000055% THD+N
        • 145dB DNR
        Apos Flow XLR Cable
          • Imported Japanese copper conductor
          • 4-core audio wire
          • A copper lattice braid with 94% density effectively shields the conductor from electromagnetic interference
          • Each core made of 60pcs of 0.08mm copper wire
          • Neutrik terminations

          TOPPING SR2 Aluminum Rack (Add on)

          • All-aluminum design
          • Shock-absorbing, non-slip foot pads
          • Excellent load-bearing capacity
          • Modular (stack multiple SR2 units)
          Apos Ensemble

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