FiiO FH7 In-Ear Monitors (IEMs)


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From its rippled back plate to its tidally huge sound, the FiiO FH7s bear the characteristics of their inspiration: the ocean. But unlike the ocean, the FH7 won’t overpower you. Its five drivers, fourteen eartips, and a replaceable cable are just the tools you need to enjoy the waves rather than sink beneath a torrent of muddy sound. (Wow, have we extended this metaphor to the point break--er, breaking point--or what?)

1 13.6mm Beryllium Dynamic Driver for Bass

Dynamic drivers are the most common type of driver in the world. They reproduce booming bass at a low price tag. However, they don’t produce mids and trebles as adeptly as other drivers, and when pushed too hard they’re known to create harmonic distortion. This is why the FH7 delegates only bass frequencies to its dynamic driver. 

4 Balanced Armature for Mids, Highs and Ultra-Highs

A balanced armature uses a delicately balanced coil within a magnetic field to reproduce detailed mids and highs. The FH7 delegates mids frequencies to a modified Knowles 30017 driver and highs and ultra-highs to multiple Knowles SWFK-31736 drivers. By allocating each frequency to different drivers, the FH7 achieves a sonic richness that has to be heard to be believed. 

Turbo Engine-Inspired Bass

The FiiO FH7 feeds the dynamic driver into an acoustically-optimized sound pipe that was inspired by the turbo engines of exotic cars, delivering deep, robust bass you can feel.

3 Interchangeable Sound Filters 

There’s not a mix in the world that can please everybody. That’s why the FH7 includes three pairs of sound filters. Color-coded for usability, the filter set includes a pair for bass emphasis (red), a pair for treble emphasis (green), and a pair for an all-around balanced sound (black).

A Labor of Love (and Sophisticated Programming)

FiiO went to painstaking lengths to create the FH7’s stunning tidal-invoking shell. A 21-step CNC machine process cut a hunk of magnesium-alloy 3,873 times before FiiO employees (human ones) sandblasted and hand polished this aerospace-grade body to perfection. 

Pro-Grade Silver-Plated Copper Wire

Copper and silver are locked in an eternal struggle for audiophile wire dominance. Silver is more conductive; copper is more resilient. With the FH7, FiiO has forged an alliance between these two metals, bringing you the conductivity of silver and the resilience of copper--an astounding 152 wires bundled into 8 strands--for a perfectly clarified sound that lasts. 


  • Earpiece Design: In-Ear (Intra-Aural)

  • Earpiece Connection / Wearing Style: Wired

  • Driver Type: Dynamic, Balanced Armature

  • Driver Size: 0.54" (13.6mm)

  • Diaphragm: Beryllium

  • Impedance: 16Ω


  • Frequency Response: 5Hz to 40kHz (Wired)

  • Sensitivity: 111dB at 1mW

  • Maximum Power Handling: 100mW

Wired Connectivity

  • Audio Connector to Source: 1/8" (3.5mm) TRS

  • Cable Design: Y-Type

  • Audio Connector to Earpiece: 2x MMCX

  • Cable Length: 47.24" (120cm)

  • Cable Color: Silver

  • Cable Conductor Material: Copper

Packaging Info 

  • Package Weight: 1.135lb (514g)

  • Box Dimensions (LxWxH): 8.2 x 6.2 x 3.3" (20.8 x 15.7 x 8.3cm)

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