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Fosi Audio ZA3 Balanced Stereo Home Theater Power Amplifier


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Dual-Mode Power and Precision

Engineered for the audiophile who needs flexibility, the Fosi ZA3 amplifier boasts dual-mode capability—offering both stereo and mono outputs for diverse audio setups. Whether enhancing the soundstage of your vinyl collection or powering a home cinema, the ZA3's innovative features, including its rich connectivity options and audiophile-grade components, are made to elevate your home system.

Richer connectivity

With a balanced combo audio signal input connector that supports both XLR and 1/4" TRS plugs, the ZA3 minimizes interference and keeps your music crystal clear. Plus, the 12V trigger-in connector syncs with your other devices effortlessly, making the on/off process a breeze.

Audiophile-grade components

The ZA3 is packed with top-notch components like the TPA3255 Class-D amp chip and capacitors from Japan and Germany. With specs boasting an SNR of up to 106dB and a SINAD rating of 89dB, this amp delivers clarity that will make audiophiles rejoice.

Advanced heat dissipation

When the evening gets away from you, and your sessions demand more, the ZA3 keeps cool. Thanks to an upgraded cooling system with a larger chassis and strategically placed vents, it maintains high power output without breaking a sweat.

Enhanced scalable fun

Customize your sound like never before. The ZA3 comes with swappable op-amps, letting you tweak your audio output to perfection. Whether you prefer the nuanced clarity of a Sparkos SS3602 or the warmth of an OPA2134PA, the power to refine your sound is in your hands.

Product highlights

  • Dual-mode functionality for flexible stereo and mono operation
  • Balanced input and trigger in for minimal interference and easy synchronization
  • Premium components including the TPA3255 chip, Japanese capacitors, and Sumida inductors
  • Exceptional audio quality with high SINAD, SNR, and low THD
  • Upgraded cooling system for sustained high performance
  • Op-amp rolling feature for personalized audio tuning


  • Chip set: Texas Instruments TPA325
  • Output power:
    • With 48V/5A PSU
      • Stereo: 155Wx2 @4Ω 
      • Mono: 235Wx2 @4Ω 
    • With 32V/5A PSU
      • Stereo: 95Wx2 @4Ω 
      • Mono: 110Wx1 @4Ω 
  • Terminating: 2-8Ω 
  • Input mode: RCA, XLR, ¼” TRS 
  • Output mode: Speaker output (supports banana plug or bare wire connection), active subwoofer output 
  • Frequency range: 20Hz - 20kHz (±0.1dB)
  • SINAD: 89dB
  • THD: <0.006% 
  • SNR: ≥106dB
  • Dynamic range: ≥106dB
  • Device dimensions: 15.49cm x 18.39cm x 5.08cm
  • Weight: 1.78kg
  • DC input range: 24-48V
  • Power supply: 32V/5A

What’s included

  • ZA3 Power Amplifier
  • 32V/5A Power adapter
  • User manual 

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