HIFIMAN Mini Shangri-La Headphone System (Headphone + Amplifier)


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Electrostatic Speed and Performance

The Mini Shangri-La epitomizes electrostatic speed and performance, thanks to its nano-thickness diaphragm. This design enhances frequency response and overall sound quality. The lightweight diaphragm vibrates with incredible speed and precision, offering a listening experience that’s as close to live music as it gets.

Nano Particle Coating for Unmatched Clarity

The headphone’s diaphragm is coated with nano particles, ensuring accurate conductivity and stability. Whether you’re in a cool, dry studio or a humid, bustling city, the Mini Shangri-La delivers a deep and expansive soundstage, maintaining clarity and detail across a wide range of environments.

Protection Layer: Durability Meets Transparency

One unique feature of the Mini Shangri-La is its nanometer protection layer. This layer guards against humidity, dust, and other pollutants without compromising sound quality. Your headphones stay clean and clear, offering a pristine listening experience no matter where you are.

Solid State Amplifier: Pure, Uncluttered Sound

The matching all solid state amplifier ditches the traditional transformer in favor of direct voltage from power output transistors. This means cleaner, more detailed sound without the usual distortions. The linear power supply and discrete filter system further reduce distortion, ensuring your audio remains pure and accurate.

Fully Balanced Design for Superior Audio

Both the input and output stages of the amplifier feature a fully balanced design. This meticulous attention to detail enhances the overall audio performance, providing a richer, more immersive listening experience.

Product highlights

  • Electrostatic headphone system with nano-thickness diaphragm

  • Nano particle coating for clear, stable sound

  • Nanometer protection layer for durability

  • All solid state amplifier with direct voltage from power output transistors

  • Linear power supply and discrete filter system to minimize distortion

  • Fully balanced design in both input and output stages


  • Frequency response: 7Hz – 90kHz

  • Bias voltage: 550V-650V

  • Headphone weight: 11.3 oz (320.2 g)

  • Amplifier weight: 12.8 lbs (5.82 kg)

  • Amplifier dimensions: 10″ x 9.9″ x 3.7″ (255 x 251 x 93 mm)

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