SMSL A200 Power Amplifier

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The amp your speakers are crushing on

Say hello to the SMSL A200 Power Amplifier, your new best friend in your quest for top-notch sound. This little powerhouse is armed with Germany Infineon’s silicon carbide digital amplifier chips. It boasts 70W x2 of output with up to 92% efficiency, so you can go off while feeling goodish about your energy consumption. Its sleek, compact design means it won’t hog space, whether you stick it in your living room, bedroom, or study. Plug it in and let the A200 work its magic.

Connection buffet 

Got a favorite way to hook up your gear? The A200 is game for anything. Bluetooth, optical fiber, coaxial, HDMI audio, USB, line input—this amp’s got the whole buffet. Want to stream music wirelessly? Go for it. More of a vintage cable person? Plug it in, baby. The A200 makes your setup ridiculously easy.

Get lazy with Bluetooth 5.0

Ditch the tangled mess and get lazy with Bluetooth 5.0. This tech keeps things simple—low power use and killer sound quality. It's efficient, reliable, and ridiculously easy to use. Stream your music from across the room without a hitch. 

Seamless setup with HDMI ARC

HDMI ARC—three letters that mean you can finally stop fussing with a million cables. This feature lets you send audio from your TV to your amp with just one cable. That means no more messing with separate audio connections. It supports high-quality audio formats like Dolby Digital and DTS, so your movies and games sound just as good as they look. Just plug it in and boom—your audio and visual gear are best friends.

Tweak your tunes

Feeling more bass today? Treble hurting your widdle ears? No problem. With adjustable bass and treble settings, you can fine-tune your sound to perfection. Crank it up, tone it down—make your music sound exactly the way you like it, king. 

No more ear-piercing pops

Switching inputs shouldn’t sound like a firecracker going off in your living room. That’s where the A200’s pop sound control circuit comes in. It prevents those obnoxious loud pops that can make your ears ring and your pets scatter. Enjoy smooth transitions between inputs without the surprise jolts. 

Product highlights

  • Two Infineon silicon carbide digital amplifier chips

  • Up to 92% efficiency for reduced energy consumption

  • Multiple input options: Bluetooth, optical, coaxial, HDMI, USB, line input

  • Bluetooth 5.0 technology for efficient wireless connections

  • HDMI (ARC) audio return function for seamless home entertainment integration

  • Electronic volume control for noise-free adjustments

  • Optical support up to 24bit/192kHz

  • Individually adjustable bass and treble

  • Pop sound control circuit

  • Built-in high-power audio dedicated switching power supply

  • High-quality remote control

  • Compact design for flexible placement


  • Inputs: BT, USB, HDMI (ARC), Optical, Coaxial, Line in

  • Output power:

    • Main channel: 70W x 2 (4Ω, 2-channel driven)

    • Subwoofer: 100W (2Ω, 1-channel driven)

  • Frequency response: 20Hz - 20kHz

  • Bass or treble gain: -5dB to +5dB

  • THD+N: 0.013%

  • Channel separation: -94dB (1kHz)

  • Input sensitivity: -10dB

  • SNR: 102dB

  • Power consumption: 36W

  • Standby power: <0.5W

  • Dimensions: 7.1 x 1.85 x 6.73in (180 x 47 x 171mm)

  • Weight: 2.36lbs (1.07kg)

What’s included

  • SMSL A200 Power Amplifier

  • Remote control

  • Power cable

  • User manual

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