xDuoo TA-66 OTL Tube Amplifier


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Note: This product is currently backordered and expected to ship June 8th. 

Refining the Golden Age of Tube Amplification

Meet the xDuoo TA-66, a high-performance tube amp designed in the spirit of classical tube amplification. Employing retro engineering techniques like point-to-point wiring, the TA-66 provides a truly classic tube sound. But thanks to modern components and amenities like a step volume potentiometer and an aluminum alloy shell, it doesn’t feel trapped in the past. The result is an amplifier that delivers golden age velvety sonics with a contemporary sensibility. 

Precise point-to-point wiring

Printed circuit boards, while convenient, can invite signal interference and complicate repairs and modifications. The TA-66 overcomes these problems with point-to-point wiring, a traditional engineering technique that ensures the shortest possible signal paths and minimal interference. By connecting each component directly with copper wires, the TA-66 significantly improves the amp’s reliability and ease of repair and modifications. 

Step-by-step volume control: Perfect balance at low volumes

Say goodbye to left-right imbalance at low volumes. The TA-66’s step-by-step volume potentiometer ensures precise control, maintaining perfect stereo balance from whisper-quiet to room-filling sound.

Aux out preamp

With its aux out preamp feature, the TA-66 can serve as the heart of your audio setup, enhancing the sound quality of any amplifier or active speaker it's connected to.

Aluminum alloy shell: Solid and interference-resistant

The TA-66's solid aluminum alloy case and sandblasted texture panel aren't just about looks—they shield your music from external interference, ensuring nothing gets between you and your favorite tracks.

Product highlights

  • 6N2 tube for the pre-amp stage
  • 6N5P tube for the buffer stage
  • OTL amplifier
  • Point-to-point wiring for minimal interference and pure sound
  • Step-by-step volume potentiometer for precise volume control
  • Aux out preamp for enhanced sound quality in your audio system
  • Professional-grade resistances and capacitors for uncolored sound
  • Solid aluminum alloy shell and sandblasted texture panel for durability and interference resistance


  • Power source: AC 110V (100-120V) / 220V (220-240V)
  • Output power: 200mW (300Ω load)
  • Headphone jack: 6.35mm
  • Frequency range: 10Hz - 30kHz (±1dB)
  • Gain: +18dB
  • THD+N: 0.08% (1kHz @300Ω load)
  • SNR: 107dB
  • Suitable earphone impedance: 60Ω - 600Ω
  • Size: 11.4 x 6 x 7.2 inches (29 x 15.3 x 18.4cm)
  • Weight: 11lbs (5kg)

What’s included

  • xDuoo TA-66 Tube Amplifier
  • Power cord
  • User manual

Featured reviews

"An excellent entry point to vacuum tube headphone amps." -WaveTheory

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