Moondrop Starfield II In-Ear Monitor (IEM)


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Pushing the Boundaries of Sound

Reinventing in-ear audio, the Moondrop Starfield II Dynamic Driver IEM employs cutting-edge materials, innovative design, and careful tuning to deliver a listening experience that is natural, open, and finely detailed. Standing distinctively in the world of IEMs, Starfield II capitalizes on advanced technologies and artful design, ensuring high performance and captivating aesthetics.

Lithium-Magnesium Alloy: Strength Meets Lightness

Moondrop employs a lithium-magnesium alloy for the dome material of the diaphragm. These elements are lighter than the traditional beryllium, allowing the diaphragm to provide optimum rigidity without adding extra weight. This choice of material not only enhances bandwidth and playback details but also curbs unnecessary resonance, making the treble sound more natural.

Moondrop's Sound Science: Because Details Matter

Backed by years of electroacoustic research and development, every hardware detail and tuning of the Starfield II is handled by Moondrop's experienced R&D team and audio professionals. This dedicated in-house approach allows them to introduce and apply new materials in their products without compromise, giving you nothing but the best.

Shimmering Shell: A Galactic Marvel

Drawing from its predecessor's success, the Starfield II features a CNC-milled alloy shell finished with an iridescent paint coating. The resulting spectacle of shifting colors is like having a piece of the starry sky right in your hands.

Acoustic Nozzle: Precision at its Finest

The Starfield II's acoustic nozzle is made of CNC-milled brass with a gold-plated surface. This precision-built component ensures an immaculate timbre and also features a removable tip, making filter replacement a breeze.

Advanced Pressure Vent: Innovating Sound Delivery

Designed to counter the negative effects of proximity to the ear concha, the Starfield II’s pressure vent introduces an off-center diversion structure. Users who crave a punchier bass can use the provided bass booster plug to significantly enhance the sub-bass presence.

A Mastery of Materials: Achieving High Fidelity Sound

The Starfield II exhibits a frequency response curve that aligns well with the VDSF Target Response, thanks to the lithium-magnesium alloy dome diaphragm. Combined with careful tuning by Moondrop's experienced acoustic engineers, you'll enjoy a natural, open, and highly accurate timbre.

Low Nonlinear Distortion: Unveiling Subtleties

Starfield II's meticulous design and solid technology result in a nonlinear full-frequency distortion below 0.05%, reproducing even the most subtle details with natural timbre.

Interchangeable Cable Design: Ready for Your Lifestyle

Designed with a universal 0.78mm interchangeable cable, the Starfield II is adaptable to various usage scenarios. Whether you're replacing the cable or using a Bluetooth neckband/TWS ear-hooks, the Starfield II has you covered.

Product highlights

  • Lithium-magnesium alloy dome composite diaphragm
  • Rigorously tested for optimal performance
  • CNC-milled alloy shell with an iridescent paint finish
  • Brass CNC-milled acoustic nozzle
  • Replaceable acoustic filters
  • Effective pressure vent structure with bass booster plug
  • Ultra-low nonlinear distortion for subtle detail reproduction
  • Interchangeable cable design for wide adaptability
  • High-quality single-ended cable


  • Driver: Ultra-low distortion dynamic driver of 10mm Mg-Li-Alloy dome composite diaphragm
  • Frequency Response: 12Hz-24KHz(IEC61094,Free Field)
  • Effective Frequency Response: 20Hz-20KHz(IEC60318-4,-3dB)
  • Sensitivity: 122dB/Vrms(@1KHz)
  • Impedance: 15Ω+15%(@1KHZ)
  • THD: <0.08%(@1KHz)
  • Headphone jack: 0.78-2pin
  • Plug: 3.5mm single-ended
  • Cavity material: Zinc alloy cavity+brass nozzle

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