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The Tried-and-True Classics

In a hobby where the next big thing is always around the corner, Kailh MX Switches are like an anchor keeping the community grounded. Each press is as reliable as the last, thanks to a consistent 1.9mm pre-travel and a full 4mm travel distance. With a familiar feel and rock-solid performance, they remind us why we fell in love with mechanical keyboards in the first place.

Bringing the Classics to Light

Just because they're classics doesn't mean they can't shine—literally. The transparent top not only gives these switches a sleek look but also enhances your keyboard's lighting, making RGB colors pop in a way that's hard to ignore. And with their straightforward 3-Pin design, they're a breeze to integrate into your existing setup, ensuring compatibility with your favorite MX-style keycaps and a range of LED options.

The Clicky Kailh Blue

For those who love verbal feedback, the Kailh Blue switches deliver a click with each keystroke.

The Tactile Kailh Brown

If you prefer a quieter typing experience without sacrificing feedback, the Kailh Brown switches offer a tactile bump that lets you know exactly when your keystroke registers. It's the perfect balance for shared spaces or late-night sessions.

The Smooth Kailh Black

For the typist who values smoothness in every press, Kailh Black switches provide a seamless journey from start to finish. With no tactile bump or click, these switches are ideal for tasks that require a soft touch and minimal distraction.

The Feather-light Kailh Red

Offering the lightest actuation force in the lineup, the Kailh Red switches make every keystroke effortless. Whether you're gaming for hours or typing up a storm, your fingers will thank you for the gentle touch.

Product Highlights

  • Versatile selection of switch types: Clicky, Tactile, and Linear
  • Hot-swap compatibility for easy customization
  • Cherry MX-mount keycap compatibility for expansive customization options
  • Optimized for SMD LEDs, supporting both RGB and single-color setups
  • Durable design with over 70 million press lifespan


  • Kailh Blue – Clicky: 50 cN Activation force | 1.9mm Pretravel | 4.0mm Total Travel
  • Kailh Brown – Tactile: 50 cN Activation force | 1.9mm Pretravel | 4.0mm Total Travel
  • Kailh Black – Linear: 60 cN Activation force | 1.9mm Pretravel | 4.0mm Total Travel
  • Kailh Red – Linear: 45 cN Activation force | 1.9mm Pretravel | 4.0mm Total Travel
  • Type: Plate Mount
  • Compatibility: Hot-swap (plate mount), Cherry MX-mount keycaps
  • LED Compatibility: Optimized for SMD LEDs

What’s Included

  • 10 x Kailh MX Switches (per pack)

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