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Psychedelic Elegance

Step into a luxurious world of psychedelic patterns with the Marble Deskmats. Designed by Ara, these deskmats bring a sense of upscale eccentricity to any workspace. Think of your desk as an untouched canvas, and the Marble Deskmat as the splash of abstract art that transforms it into a spectacle.

Aesthetic and Acoustic Harmony

The Marble Deskmat isn't just about looks—it enhances your keyboard acoustics, too. When your keyboard rests on the Marble Deskmat, every key press resonates with a more satisfying, deeper sound. It's a subtle detail that can make your typing or gaming experience that much more enjoyable.

Lasts Longer, Looks Better

This deskmat comes with durable stitching along the edges, adding a layer of longevity to its design. Plus, the long-lasting, fade-resistant printing ensures that the Marble Deskmat retains its striking look through heavy usage and over time.

No More Slipping

Worried about your deskmat slipping in the middle of a crucial task or during an intense gaming session? The Marble Deskmat puts those worries to rest. It has a non-slip rubberized bottom that secures it firmly to your desk, giving you a stable surface day in, day out.

Caring for Your Desk and Accessories

The Marble Deskmat doesn't just look good—it's functional too. With its 4mm thickness, it reduces desk and accessory wear, serving as an extra layer of protection for your beloved setup. It's like a security blanket, but with a lot more style.

Product Highlights

  • Psychedelic, marble-inspired design
  • Smooth, high-quality fabric surface for precise mouse movement
  • Enhances keyboard acoustics
  • Durable stitching and fade-resistant printing for longevity
  • Non-slip rubberized bottom for a stable surface
  • Reduces desk and accessory wear


  • Designed by Ara
  • Dimensions: 900 mm x 400 mm (Approximately 3 ft. x 1.3 ft.)
  • Thickness: 4 mm (Approximately 0.16 inch)
  • Smooth mouse pad quality fabric surface
  • Long-lasting, fade-resistant printing
  • Non-slip rubberized bottom
  • Durable stitching

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