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A Nostalgic Winter Adventure

Relive the vibrant, neon-hued magic of the 80s with the Retrotrip Deskmat. Designed by Zakar1ya and brought to life by Kono, this deskmat invites you to strap on your skis, blast some tunes from your Walkman, and dive into a winter wonderland inspired by the retro winter fashion.

Nostalgic Design and Ultimate Functionality

The Retrotrip Deskmat doesn't just rest on the laurels of its nostalgic design. It blends this aesthetic appeal with unparalleled functionality, thanks to its high-sensor accuracy performance gaming mousepad texture. Whether you're drafting a design, conquering a new game level, or just browsing the internet, every move you make is precise and smooth.

Here for the Long Haul

Made to withstand heavy usage, the Retrotrip Deskmat features a durable stitched edge to prevent fraying and wear. Combined with the fade-resistant printing, it ensures that your deskmat will keep looking fresh and vibrant even after countless gaming sessions and workdays.

Slip? Not on Our Watch!

We understand how annoying it can be when your deskmat moves with your mouse. That's why the Retrotrip Deskmat is fitted with a non-slip rubberized bottom. It stays put even during the most intense gaming marathons, providing you with a steady surface for all your desk activities.

Product Highlights

  • Retro-inspired design channels 80s winter fashion
  • Two unique designs by renowned artists
  • High-sensor accuracy performance gaming mousepad texture
  • Durable stitched edge
  • Non-slip rubberized bottom


  • Designed by Zakar1ya
  • Produced by Kono
  • Dimensions: 900 mm x 400 mm (3 ft. x 1.3 ft)
  • Thickness: 4 mm
  • Machine washable
  • Long-lasting, fade-resistant printing

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