Hexgears Impulse Hot-Swap RGB Mechanical Keyboard

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Where Customization Meets Performance

Explore the ultimate fusion of style, functionality, and durability with the Hexgears Impulse Hot-Swap RGB Mechanical Keyboard. This gaming keyboard offers a modern twist on classic design, with an emphasis on personalization and performance. A stand-out feature? The hot-swappable switches that let you make the Impulse uniquely yours.

Unlocking Possibilities: Hot-Swap Sockets

With the Impulse's hot-swap sockets, your choice of mechanical switches can be changed without any soldering. Want different switches for individual keys or wish to delve into the world of mechanical switch variants? The Impulse makes it all possible.

Lasting Beauty: Durable PBT Keycaps

The Impulse doesn’t just look good, it stays that way. Thanks to the PBT keycaps, this keyboard resists shine and finger grease, far outlasting standard ABS plastic. The doubleshot injection molding means the letters won't wear off, keeping your keys pristine and attractive.

A Symphony of Color: Mind-Blowing RGB Backlighting

Experience vibrant RGB keyboard illumination like never before. The Impulse's smooth RGB ring lighting and per-key RGB backlighting is displayed to perfection with translucent pudding keycaps. From interactive to static modes, you can tailor the lighting to your mood and setup.

Feel the Quality: Mechanical Kailh Box Switches

With Kailh Box switches rated for 80 million presses, the Impulse is built to last. These switches offer a tactile experience unlike any other, whether you prefer a quiet touch or a resonant click.

Tailored for You: Customization Options

The Impulse embraces simplicity with 2-stage angle adjustment feet and basic onboard functions like macros and Windows key locking. Plug, play, and make the Impulse fit seamlessly into your life.

Product Highlights

  • Updated Impulse V2 design with hot-swap
  • Hot-swap switch sockets (MX-compatible, LED compatible, plate mount)
  • Doubleshot extra durable PBT keycaps (pudding keycaps)
  • Mechanical Kailh Box switches available in Brown (Tactile) or White (Clicky)
  • Extensive RGB backlighting customization


  • Per-key customizable lighting modes and RGB ring lighting
  • Switches: Kailh Box Brown (Tactile) or Box White (Clicky)
  • Curved metal switch mounting plate
  • 2 stage angle adjustment feet
  • Weight: 918g (2.02lbs)

What's Included

  • Hexgears Impulse Hot-Swap RGB Mechanical Keyboard
  • Pudding keycaps

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