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WhiteFox Eclipse Mechanical Keyboard with Aluminum Low Profile Case

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For creatives and professionals, the common keyboard can be a barrier to the flow of getting things done—restrictive, inconvenient, and uncomfortable. Enter the WhiteFox Eclipse: a keyboard that's been designed to help you master your craft, whatever it may be. With its emphasis on comfort and its innovative approach to customization, it takes the pain out of typing. No more wrestling with inadequate tools—this is a keyboard that turns what ifs into well dones. 

Wireless Without Limits

Work wherever inspiration strikes. From brainstorming in bed, strategizing in library corners, to working in bustling cafes, the WhiteFox Eclipse offers wireless freedom, allowing you to switch effortlessly between a variety of work environments. Its array of intuitive features like streamlined macros, time-saving hotkeys, and customizable RGB settings, brings balance to your work life, ensuring you stay productive and connected, wherever work takes you.

No-Tool Customization and Keyboard Care

Tired of the hassle that comes with adjusting your keyboard’s sound and tactility, or simply cleaning it? The WhiteFox Eclipse eliminates the need for tools with its magnetic gasket-mounted design. Easily open, customize, and clean your keyboard, no matter where you are. No tools, no trouble. Just lift up and get to work. 

A Case for Every Taste

End your search for the perfect keyboard case with WhiteFox Eclipse's modular design. Offering Aluminum Low Profile, Aluminum High Profile, and plastic Starter Cases, it caters to individual preferences, moving beyond the one-size-fits-all market approach. Explore all options on our WhiteFox Eclipse Collection page.

Seamless Cross-Platform Use: Mac + PC

Mac users have long faced compatibility challenges with mechanical keyboards, feeling sidelined with limited options and risky firmware hacks—but no more. Thanks to its proprietary firmware, the White Fox Eclipse connects flawlessly with both PC and Mac systems right out of the box, ensuring every user enjoys a seamless and reliable typing experience, without the gamble of unofficial fixes.

Ready-Made Resonance: Premium Sound Right Out of the Box

The sound profile of many mechanical keyboards is an afterthought. Thocky, clicky, like boiling stones—these are sound profiles that are typically only achieved after spending hours modifying your just-bought board with lube and foam. With the WhiteFox Eclipse, the hard work has already been done for you. From meticulously-designed case cavities to individually-lubricated Gateron Yellow switches to foam-filled gasket mounting, the many components of the WhiteFox Eclipse have been expertly assembled to create a sound profile that’s so much more than the sum of its parts.

Responsive by Design: Custom-Flex PCB

Many keyboards are built with a single typing experience in mind, leaving no room for adjustment — they're either too rigid or too soft. The WhiteFox Eclipse transforms this experience with its flexible circuit board, crafted with precise cutouts to provide a gentle give under your keystrokes for that perfect tactile response. With adjustable foam inserts, simply remove as much of the foam as you prefer to find your sweet spot of flex and feel. Whether you’re a heavy-handed typist or a coder with a light touch, the WhiteFox Eclipse lets you dial in a typing experience that’s an all-day delight. 

Keycap Universality: Every Set Fits 

The WhiteFox Eclipse's 68-key layout guarantees compatibility with all standard keycap sets, simplifying customization and ensuring you can always find the perfect aesthetic to go with your shared workspace or home office. 

Ease Hand Strain with Double Gasket Mounted Design

Extended typing sessions can leave your hands feeling fatigued and strained. The WhiteFox Eclipse's double-gasket-mounted design, complemented by a flex plate and PCB, offers a cloud-like typing experience, reducing hand strain during extended use.

Office-Appropriate RGB Lighting

In a world where RGB keyboard lighting often oscillates between overly-flashy displays and unhelpfully dull visuals, the WhiteFox Eclipse stands out with its professionally-attuned approach. Subtle, purposeful lighting can enhance both productivity and aesthetics, and this keyboard offers customizable RGB options that strike the perfect balance. You have the flexibility to highlight important hotkeys and macros with just the right amount of color, aiding your workflow without overwhelming your senses. Or, if you prefer minimalism, an all-white setting provides a sleek, sophisticated look that complements any grown-up workspace. 

Change Switches on the Fly: Hot-swappable Circuit Board

With most keyboards, what you buy is what you get—the clickiness and feel of the keys don’t change. Thinking of trying a different kind of switch for a new sound or feeling when you type? Usually, that would mean a difficult and lengthy process, possibly needing technical tools and skills. But the WhiteFox Eclipse changes the game. It has a special design that lets you swap out the switches easily—no technical skills or tools required. Simply pop the switches out and pop in the new ones: clicky switches for your home office or linear switches for shared workspaces. 

An Aesthetic that Grows With You

In a market saturated with gaming-oriented keyboard designs, the WhiteFox Eclipse stands out with its understated elegance. Perfect for diverse settings from home to office, its sleek, sophisticated design speaks volumes through high-quality materials and thoughtful color choices.

Hardware Specifications

  • Keycaps - Cherry Profile PBT Dye Sublimated (1.5mm Thick)
  • Mechanical Switches - Pre-Lubed Gateron Yellow Linear Switches
  • Flex Plate - Aluminum with QWERTY Cluster Cutouts for Maximum Flex
  • Edge Gasket - Vibration Isolating Case Gasket
  • Switch Foam - Poron Foam for Switch Sound Dampening
  • Custom PCB - PCB with Hot Swap, South Facing SMD LEDs, and Bluetooth
  • Case Foam - An extra Foam Layer for Extra Sound Dampening
  • Magnetic Gaskets - Vibration Isolated Magnets to Connect Switch Assembly to Case
  • Magnetic Case - CNC Aluminum Low Profile Magnetic Case
  • Magnetic Feet - Removable Magnetic Cone Feet for 6.5 Degree Tilt

Additional Specifications

  • USB-C Mechanical Keyboard
  • Gateron Yellow KS9 Pro 2.0 (50g Linear)
  • PCB Mount Pre-Lubed Stabilizers
  • Wired (USB-C) or Wireless (Bluetooth 5.0) Keyboard
  • 4000 mAh Battery
  • Compatible with Mac, Windows, and Linux
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth, Wireless
  • Features: Backlit, Keyboard Case, Mechanical
  • Language/Layout: QWERTY
  • Switch Type: Linear
  • Use: Tablet, mobile phone, computer, laptop
  • VIA / QMK Firmware
  • Configurable with Macros for gaming and typing
  • Keycaps for Mac and PC Layouts with Blue Novelties
  • Manual & Quickstart Guide
  • Project Eclipse website

Featured Reviews

"⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️. The WhiteFox Eclipse is an excellent reinvention of the original WhiteFox. Its magnetic case makes it a great choice for everyone — from new builders to experienced modders to mainstream users who just want a great set of keys." - Tom's Hardware

"There is no one magic feature that makes this keyboard stand out. But the sum of all of its parts come together in concert, providing the end user a performance that is akin to typing on a cloud. Truly, this is a lovely machine, and one that stands out from the hundreds of models I've reviewed."

-MechTech Keyboards

"An incredibly smooth typing experience."


"Genuinely amazing" 

"An easy recommendation."

-Captain Sterling
"Unique...surprising...I can highly recommend this product." 


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