Moondrop Starfield In-Ear Monitor (IEM) Earphone

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The Moondrop Starfield IEM comes with a diaphragm that is a composite of carbon nanotube array warp and weft knitted in a polymer film. This diaphragm is only 6 microns (0.006 mm) thick but is rigid, tough, and light at the same time, that enables it to provide a clear, detailed, and smooth treble. With the brass-plated inner cavity and integrated five pressure relief holes in the basin frame, the Starfield is able to produce excellent bandwidth and ultra-low full-frequency distortion.

The Starfield comes with a 24AWG litz structure 4N purity OFC earphone cable, which ensures rich sound details and full dynamics. It also has a 0.78 2 pin inward universal interface that allows you to upgrade the cables if desired. Finally, it is tuned to pay more attention to the loose, delicate, and soft sound achieving a delicate stability between balance and musicality.


"Starfield has a good transparency level, it is not offering a grainy presentation and is always clear and crisp sounding." - Sandu Vitalie from Soundnews. Read the full review here.


  • Driver: Carbon Nanotube diaphragm- 10mm Dual cavity dynamic driver
  • Detachable cable standard: 24AWG Litz 4N OFC
  • Interface: 0.78 2 pin
  • Sensitivity: 122dB/Vrms (@1khz)
  • Impedance: 32Ω ± 15% (@1khz)
  • Frequency Response: 10Hz-36000 Hz (free field. 1/4 inch MIC)
  • Effective Frequency Response: 20Hz-20000 Hz (IEC60318-4)

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