TOPPING D90 DAC (Digital-to-Analog Converter)


Due to the unfortunate fire at the AKM manufacturing facility in Japan, TOPPING has sold through their supply of D90 DACs. The AKM supply volatility will not improve in the short term. We offer our sincerest apologies and recommend reaching out to our Support Team, who are standing by to discuss alternative products to suit your needs.

The TOPPING D90 is a new class of DAC being produced by TOPPING that uses the latest AKM D/A chip, the AK4499. It is also equipped with an XMOS XU208 USB chip, AK4118 S/PDIF receiver chip, and a CPLD programmable logic chip. For drivers, it uses German Thesycon drivers. Finally, it comes with a pair of AccuSilicon 451584MHz and 49.1520MHz high-end femtosecond clocks. Specs on the AK4499 chip can be found here.

For inputs, the D90 has USB-B (XMOS), optical, coaxial, AES, IIS, and Bluetooth 5.0. For outputs, it has a single-ended RCA Stereo and a balanced XLR, which can be used one at a time or together simultaneously. The USB and IIS inputs support up to PCM32bit / 768 kHz and DSD512 Native. Optical, coaxial, and AES inputs support up to PCM24bit / 192 kHz. Finally, Bluetooth 5.0 input supports up to PCM24bit / 96 kHz LDAC.

It comes with a volume control function so it can be used both as a DAC and as a DAC/Pre-Amplifier. This volume control can be disabled to make the D90 function purely as a DAC that produces output levels of 4Vrms (XLR) and 2Vrms (RCA).


"I was quite stunned to find that D90 has such a clean and detailed performance, from the lowest bass to the highest treble, everything was there in spades and nothing would hide away from it." - Sandu Vitalie from Soundnews. Read the full review here.

  • Inputs

    • USB-B (XMOS)
    • Optical
    • Coaxial SPDIF
    • AES/EBU
    • MQA (for MQA Version only)
  • Outputs

    • Balanced XLR

    • Single Ended RCA

  • D/A Chip: AKM AK4499

  • USB Interface: XMOS XU208

  • SPDIF Interface: AK4118

  • Bluetooth: aptX HD, LDAC, 5.0

  • Sampling Rates

    • USB: PCM up to 32bit 768kHz / Native DSD up to DSD512 / DSD DoP up to DSD256
    • IIS : PCM up to 32bit 768kHz / DSD up to DSD512
    • Coaxial, Optical, AES : PCM up to 24bit 192kHz
  • Output Voltage

    • RCA : 2Vrms @ 0dBFS

    • XLR : 4Vrms @ 0dBFS

  • Dynamic Range (A-weighting): 128 dB

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