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Dan Clark Audio VOCE Electrostatic Headphone


Dan Clark Audio VOCE Electrostatic Headphone improves upon all of the great attributes of electrostatic headphones like transparent midrange and detail resolution. Additionally, the VOCE comes with a powerful bass experience and an expansive soundstage. 

The VOCE comes with an ultra-large 88mm driver and a fully custom silver plated cable. The 88mm driver creates an extended and rich bass that reaches below 10Hz with a gigantic soundstage. Advanced metal stators create an enhanced resolution. It comes with a flexible microphonic-free round silver-plated copper cable with a solid machined Teflon connector cased in an aluminum housing.

The VOCE comes with a convenient and attractive walnut storage box with a beautiful built-in headphone stand. It has a durable all metal construction but still weighs light for comfortable wear. Finally, it comes with fully dust-sealed drivers.


  • Driver Type: Electrostatic
  • Driver Size: 88mm
  • Capacitance with 2m Cable: 135pF
  • Weight: 370g
  • Ear Pad Material: NAPA Lamb Leather

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