Gustard C16 10M OCXO Audio Clock


The Gustard C16 is a 10mHz high performance, low near-end phase noise clock generator. The C16's built-in crystal oscillator is a new SC-cut OCXO that has been customized from the top manufacturers to ensure stable quality. Its measured performance is more than two orders of magnitude better than the traditional SPXO femtosecond crystal oscillator. With six BNC interface outputs (3+3), it is divided into two output modes: direct output and isolated output. The output waveform of the C16 is three or six square wave outputs, which is better for back-end device compatibility than sine wave output. Finally, the C16 makes a good pairing with the Gustard U16, with the subjective and objective audio performance being optimized specifically for the U16. 

The front panel's vivid and gentle buttons have the function of enabling or turning off the clock output of the same name on the rear panel. Each time the power is turned on for the first fifteen minutes, the dual LEDs flash to indicate warm-up. While the C16 is powering on, all clock output ports on the rear panel have no output. After 15 minutes, the dual LEDs turn to stay always on and all outputs are automatically turned on. During the fifteen-minute warm-up period, you can ignore the warm-up to achieve direct output by pressing the vivid or gentle button on the front panel.


  • Output Modes: Vivid and Gentle (Vivid recommended)
  • Crystal Oscillator: SC-cut OCXO
  • Digital shaping circuit, buffer and output stage.
  • Power Supply: Discrete linear power supply, low ripple, low temperature drift, fast response
  • Transformer: Built-in audio dedicated toroidal transformer
  • Cable: Packaged with a clock signal cable
  • Output Frequency: 10 mHz
  • Frequency Accuracy: <± 300ppb
  • Frequency Stability: <± 50ppb
  • Output Amplitude: ≥ 7dBm @ 50Rz
  • Output Waveform: Square Wave
  • Output Impedance: 50Ω
  • Near-end Phase Noise @1Hz(TYP): -100 dBc
  • Short Stable (Allen Variance) (TYP): 2E-12
  • Output amplitude: 7dBm @50 Ohm
  • AC Power Supply: AC 115V/230V 50/60Hz
  • Machine Power Consumption: <15W
  • Body Size: Width 220mm x Height 50mm x Depth 170mm (excluding protruding parts)
  • Packing Size: Width 285mm x Height 85mm x Depth 270mm
  • Weight: 2.5 kg (including packaging)

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