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The HIFIMAN RE800 are IEMs (in-ear monitors) that boast full-spectrum frequency response and topological diaphragms. 

Topological Diaphragm 

The Topological Diaphragm gets its name from the tiny particles that have been applied to its surface. These particles create unique nano-topologies that are used to tune the diaphragm for clarity, nuance, and detail. 

Aluminum Alloy Exterior

The sleek aluminum alloy of the RE800’s chassis is resilient enough to withstand drops light enough, at 0.5 oz, to feel weightless in your ears. 

Spectrum-Spanning Frequency Range

Boasting a frequency response range from 5 - 20,000Hz, the RE800 delivers extended bass response for even the most diehard bassheads--without overpowering the mids or highs. 


  • Frequency Response: 5Hz-20kHz
  • Impedance: 60Ω
  • Sensitivity: 105dB
  • Weight: 0.51oz (14.5g)

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