Shanling ME700 IEM

High-end IEM with punchy mid-bass and rich mids

Since their founding in 1988, Shanling has primarily produced CD players, turntables, and other home electronics. It wasn’t until the mid-10s that they began producing portable products, such as players and IEMs, which quickly caught audio lovers’ attention with their quality and attention to detail

The ME700 IEM has punchy mid-bass and full, rich mids. Each monitor features one dynamic driver and four balanced armatures, which deliver detailed and clarified sound. This is a great purchase for IEM aficionados looking for a hi-fi audiophile upgrade. 

One dynamic driver + four balanced armatures

The Shanling ME700 IEM features one dynamic driver and four balanced armatures per monitor. Unlike traditional IEMs that use a single dynamic driver, balanced armatures are smaller, lighter, and provide greater output for less power. Inside each balanced armature, a small reed is balanced between two magnets (hence the “balanced” in balanced armature). The magnets vibrate the reed, and the reed’s motion is transferred to a diaphragm. 

By allocating different frequency ranges to different balanced armatures, the ME700 is capable of producing a more detailed and clarified response. Think of it like this. You give a muralist a single hour to paint a mural on a large wall. They may be able to paint the whole thing, but the finished product won’t be very detailed. Now imagine you give that same task to six muralists. By splitting up the job, they can deliver a far more detailed finished product. 

Naturally isolating

Because the eartips of IEMs fill up your ear canal, they’re naturally isolating. They’re not as isolating as noise-cancelling IEMs or headphones, but much more so than open backs. They’re a great choice for commuting, traveling, and other scenarios in which privacy is important. 

Balanced 6N pure silver cable

The ME700 comes with a 6N high-purity silver cable. Silver is the most conductive metal on earth--more conductive than aluminum, gold, and even copper. The sound qualities of the cable are neutral, highly detailed, with no coloration. 

Product highlights

  • 10mm gold-plated dynamic driver

  • Dual Knowles balanced armature & Dual custom balanced armature drivers

  • 3D printed acrylic shell

  • Cultured marble faceplate

  • Premium MMCX connectors

  • Balanced 6N Neotech silver cable with 2.5mm connector with 3.5mm and 4.4mm adapters

  • Sensitivity: 106 dB

  • Impedance: 18Ω

What’s included

  • Shanling ME700 IEMs

  • 12 pairs of ear tips, including a set of T400 comply tips

  • 4.4mm adaptor

  • 3.5mm adaptor

  • Leather case

  • Cleaning tools

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