STAX SR-009BK 80th Anniversary Limited Edition Electrostatic Earspeaker Headphone


    The STAX SR-009BK is the 80th Anniversary Limited Edition all-black electrostatic earspeaker version of the SR-009 that uses the Multilayer fixed electrode MLER. These electrodes have been completed through the unification of metal plates processed with ultra-precision photograph etching using the high technology of heat diffusion combination on the atomic level. The SR-009 also comes with an aluminum enclosure and a silver plated OFC cable that results in an amazing sound. 

    • Type: Push-Pull electrostatic sound element, open-air type enclosure
    • Left & Right Channel Identification: 'L' and 'R' indicated on the cable entrance point, solid line (left) and dotted line (right) on the cable
    • Ear Pad: Real leather (direct skin contact), high-quality synthetic leather (surrounding portion)
    • Weight: 596g (including cable), 454g (without cable)
    • Frequency Response: 5Hz - 42kHz
    • Electrostatic Capacitance: 110pF (including cable)
    • Impedance: 145k ohms (10kHz)
    • Sound Pressure Sensitivity: 118dB / 400Hz
    • Bias Voltage: 580V DC
    • Cable: Silver plated 6N (99,9999%) OFC parallel 6-strand, low capacity special wide cable, 2.5m full length

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