Topping BC3 Wireless Bluetooth Decoder/DAC/Amp


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Why does listening to hi-def audio require immobilizing our phones, laptops, and tablets with cables? Shouldn’t our mobiles be mobile? Meet the TOPPING BC3, the magical little box that transmits rich, high-def audio over Bluetooth. It’s time to cut loose. 

Hi-Def Wireless 

Weighing and measuring less than a deck of playing cards, this receiver uses a lossy codec (i.e. a file compression method that retains 100% of the file’s data) to transmit super-CD quality audio at 24bits/96khz. Your FLAC files are gonna love this. 

Phenomenal Flexibility

Listen, a device that would just barely beat an aspirin in a height contest shouldn’t be so feature-rich. We’re with you on that. Nevertheless, thanks to a range of outputs the TOPPING BC3 can be used as a DAC to power your headphones, a receiver for your car’s stereo system, or play wireless wingman to your favorite DAC. With headphone and line out/optical jacks, the options are endless. 

Leave the Charger At Home

Mobility requires a long-lasting battery. Luckily, the TOPPING BC3 has just that. Powered by an 800mAh internal battery, it can last up to twelve hours without needing a charge. 


    Bluetooth chip: CSR8675

    Support encoding format: SBC/AAC/APTX/APTX-HD/APTX-LL/LDAC

    Output: 3.5mm Headphone Output, 3.5mm Line Out, 3.5mm OPT Out ( The same port with 3.5mm Line Out)

    Volume adjustment: 32-step volume adjustment

    Transmission distance: 510m

    Battery capacity: 800mAh

    Battery life: About 12 hours (32 ohm headphone load), About 11 hours (Opt output)

    Standby time: > 25 days

    Charging time: <3 hours

    Dimension: 6cm x 6cm x 1.75cm

    Weight: 82.5g

    Output voltage: 2Vrms@OdBFS (3.5 headphone jack), 2Vrms@OdBFS (line out)

    THD+N@A-wt: 50.002% @1kHz (3.5 headphone jack), 5..0.001% @1kHz (line out)

    Noise @A-wt: <2.3uVrms (3.5 headphone jack), <2.3uVrms (line out)

    Output Power (THID+N51%): 75mW x 2@ 320, 13mW x 2 @ 3000

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