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We’re excited to announce that the FiiO K9 Desktop DAC/Amp is available for purchase on Apos Audio. The FiiO K9 is a powerhouse when it comes to delivering high-quality sound. From its DAC to its amplification to its volume adjustment, the entire architecture is balanced, resulting in reduced crosstalk and distortion. This means that you can enjoy your music without any unwanted noise interfering with the listening experience.

One of the standout features of the FiiO K9 is the two ES9068AS DAC chips that decode the left and right channels separately. These 32-bit chips use ESS’ Hyperstream II architecture boasting high dynamic range and extremely low distortion, providing a truly balanced experience. This means that you can enjoy your music without any unwanted noise interfering with the listening experience.

The signal is passed from the DAC chips to the dual THX AAA 788+ amplifier chips, which provide an extraordinary 780mW of output power at 300Ω and up to 2000mW of output power at 32Ω. These amplifier chips serve up a clean and linear sound profile, known for their low distortion.

The FiiO K9 also features Bluetooth 5.1 connectivity, which allows you to enjoy the latest hi-fi Bluetooth codecs like LDAC and aptX HD. This faster and more stable version of Bluetooth is even better at providing latency-free hi-def playback.

The PCB of the K9 features a partitioned layout, fully separating the major sections of the audio circuit. This guarantees lower distortion and crosstalk for an altogether cleaner output signal. In addition to the partitioned PCB, the power supplies are also isolated, delivering power to the analog and digital portions separately to further reduce interference.

The FiiO K9 can easily play back 32-bit/768kHz high-resolution audio with incredible fidelity thanks to accurate and stable dual-mode clock management. The dampened volume knob is powered by ADC curve reconstruction, allowing you to precisely and smoothly adjust between 120 levels of volume, with minimal noise and volume deviation between left and right channels.

At $350 less than the K9 Pro, the FiiO K9 lacks some of the features of its pro-level sibling, such as USB Type-C input, digital filters, MQA rendering, and dual ES9038PRO D/A chips. However, the K9 outperforms the K9 Pro in certain categories. The K9 features Bluetooth-only presets and customizable presets that the K9 Pro lacks. The K9 also supports 32-bit/768kHz PCM and DSD512, while the K9 Pro supports a maximum of 32-bit/384kHz PCM and DSD256.

Overall, the FiiO K9 Desktop DAC/Amp is a fantastic option for anyone looking for an audio device that can deliver high-quality sound. With its balanced DAC, dual THX AAA amplifier chips, Bluetooth 5.1 connectivity, and partitioned PCB, this device is sure to take your music listening experience to the next level.

Product highlights

  • High performance dual ES9068AS D/A chips
  • THX AAA 788+ amplifier
  • Dual-mode clock management
  • QCC5124 Bluetooth 5.1 chip 
  • Hi-res Bluetooth codec support: LDAC, aptX, aptX HD
  • Truly balanced architecture
  • Dual-voltage linear transformer

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