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We’re ecstatic to announce the launch of the Moondrop MoonRiver 2 DAC/Amp. You may be wondering, MoonRiver 2? Did I miss MoonRiver 1? You did not. 2 doesn’t refer to a predecessor but the dual nature of many of the device’s features: dual DAC chips, dual amp chips, and two outputs. 

A pocket-sized DAC/Amps with dual outputs is interesting enough, but what's actually got our jaws on the floor are its specs: 131dB DNR, 116dB SNR, and 0.0001% THD+N. Some desktop units aren't this clean.

Product highlights

  • Dual Cirrus Logic CS43198 DAC chips
  • Two dual-op amp chips
  • 4Vrms of output power
  • 131dB DNR
  • 116dB SNR
  • 0.0001% THD
  • Dual headphone outputs support 3.5mm and 4.4mm balanced
  • USB Type-C
  • Lightweight aluminum alloy body

Head on over to the Moondrop MoonRiver 2 product page, and if you need more information please contact our dedicated Support Team via live chat online or email us at

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