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A Whole Planet of Sound

We all know and love Moondrop for their budget-friendly IEMs like the Aria and Starfield, but they’ve just shaken things up with something completely different: the Venus, their first full-size planar magnetic headphone. At $599, this headphone has ventured beyond the company’s budget-fi roots into adventurous mid-fi territory.

As many headphone enthusiasts know, a planar magnetic is one of the most mechanically demanding headphones you can make. It’s not a venture for the faint of heart, and Moondrop has risen to the occasion. The Venus features loads of high-end components like 36 N52 magnets, a pure silver printed circuit, and a 2 micron-thick 100mm diaphragm.

Additionally, Moondrop used FEA (finite element analysis) computer modeling to design the headphone. With this technology, they were able to accurately distribute the 36 magnets in order to create a magnetic field parallel to the diaphragm.

As a relative latecomer to the planar magnetic market, it’s not surprising to see Moondrop learning from its peers. The Venus uses rounded caps on the ends of the magnets, preventing high-frequency sound waves from overlapping and becoming overemphasized during playback.

Unsurprisingly for Moondrop, the Venus is tuned to the widely-beloved HRTF tuning, which gives it a crowd-pleasing sound signature that many enthusiasts adore.

Product highlights

  • 100mm sub-nanometer diaphragm
  • Pure silver etched circuit
  • N52 magnet array optimized by FEA (Finite Element Analysis)
  • Integrated driver-cavity structure
  • Combined high frequency waveguide phase equalization technology
  • Secondary diaphragm stress balance technology
  • Aviation-grade aluminum alloy CNC
  • Self-adjusting headband
  • Interchangeable cable design

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