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Banish Interference for Perfect Sound

Picture this: you’ve just spent the afternoon assembling your audio rig, you plug in your headphones to enjoy the fruits of your labor, and what do you hear? Music? No. The hum of ground loop noise. 

There’s nothing quite as annoying as ground loop noise sabotaging an otherwise perfect system. You could spend hours troubleshooting the source, or you could spend no time at all by getting TOPPING’s HS02 audio isolator.

With inputs for USB-B and -C, and outputs for USB-A and -C, the HS02 is ready to handle a wide variety of interface scenarios. It’s as easy as plug and play.

Won’t adding another thing to my audio chain just introduce latency, noise, and signal loss? Luckily, no. The HS02 has a latency speed of 0.073us, making it a professional-grade device. It’s compatible with hi-fi audio such as PCM 32-bit/768kHz and DSD512 Native. Plus, it uses a fully isolated design to stop interference in its tracks—even interference from auxiliary power!

Get it on Apos Audio for $99.

Product highlights

  • Reduces up to 50dB of ground loop noise
  • 0.074us latency speed
  • 32-bit/768kHz PCM compatible
  • DSD512 Native compatible
  • Audio signal isolation voltage: >1500KVRMS
  • Auxiliary power isolation: Yes
  • Inputs: USB-B, USB-C
  • Outputs: USB-A, USB-C


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