Coming Soon: TOPPING D30 Pro and A30 Pro

Four years have passed since the release of the TOPPING A30/D30, and in that time the company has produced a slew of products that blend minimal aesthetics with maximal performance. Products like the TOPPING D90, E30, and DX3 Pro have radically disrupted their price brackets, triggering fresh evaluations of what’s expected in every category. 

On Sunday, Apos will proudly unveil the TOPPING D30 Pro and A30 Pro, available right here on our website. We can’t say too much about these products yet, but it’s no secret that we’re ecstatic about them, and we think you will be, too. 

As Amir has discussed on Audio Science Review, the TOPPING D30 Pro’s SINAD rating is two decibels away from the highest ever measured. Its dynamic range is “superb”, and its linearity is “absolutely perfect.” For noise reduction, the D30 Pro produces “superb and identical results with all three inputs.” All in all, he “strongly” recommends it. 

The pre-launch starts Sunday, March 7th at 6PM PT. To get a notification at launch, please leave your email address in the field at the bottom of the product pages.

If Sunday seems like a long way off, satisfy your curiosity with Amir’s video review below or head over to the TOPPING D30 Pro and A30 Pro product pages to browse product photos. See you Sunday!