HiFiMAN Arya Reviews Compendium

Compendium updated: April 8th, 2021.
The HifiMAN Arya is a planar magnetic headphone with a nanometer diaphragm and an asymmetrical magnetic circuit. We’ve compiled reviews from across the web for your reference. What you’ll find here are the TLDR versions of the full reviews (which you can access with the provided links). We’ll continue updating this compendium as reviews come in. 


From Headphones.com's review of the HiFiMAN Arya, first published on July 13th, 2020:

“The HiFiMAN Arya is an excellent sounding headphone that prioritizes clarity, soundstage, layering and depth. Importantly it’s able to do this without compromising on weight or comfort, being easily usable for long periods of time. For anyone looking for a flagship headphone under $2000, the Arya should probably be near the top of that list. 

“The Arya’s only notable drawback is that it lacks the kind of punch and slam that other similarly priced headphones can deliver, but I think this is a trade-off that anyone looking for an expansive and layered soundstage would be willing to make. Add to that an agreeable tonality and frequency response, and this is probably the headphone that I would personally choose at this price. $1600 is a lot of money to spend on a pair of headphones, and the flagship market has gone to some staggering amounts in recent years, but in the case of the Arya, this is one where its price appropriately fits its performance. So I have no reservations about thoroughly recommending the HiFiMAN Arya.”


From Stereo Magazine's review of the HiFiMAN Arya, first published on November 12th, 2019:

“Open planar magnetic headphones that have deliberately been designed for use with high-quality stationary equipment. They sound powerful, voluminous and are tuned with a touch of warmth. High wearing comfort.”


From Joshua Valour's review of the HiFiMAN Arya, first published on June 24th, 2019:

“The Best...so far.” 


From Z Reviews' review of the HiFiMAN Arya, first published on August 11th, 2019:

“Hype train?”


From Headphones.com's review of the HiFiMAN Arya, first published on October 8th, 2020:

“High-end planar magnetic headphone to beat?”


From Bloom Audio's review of the HiFiMAN Arya, first published on April 27th, 2020:

“With the Arya, HiFiMAN delivered excellent headphones that are well designed without being flashy or showy. The headphones themselves are sturdy and comfortable. The sound is balanced and spacious. From the packaging, to the design, to the sound, nothing about the Arya gets in the way of your music. With a good playlist and a set of Aryas, you’ve got front row seats to your own private concert.”


From MajorHiFi's review of the HiFiMAN Arya, first published on November 13th, 2018:

“The Arya offers a revealing yet entertaining listening experience.  Sporting a wealth of detail and impressive extension, the Arya feels more like a drug or a higher plane of existence than it does a headphone.  Our recommendation?  This is one of those headphones you just have to hear to believe.  Definitely seek out a place to audition it, but only if you have the money to buy it.  The sound is just that fine.”


From SoundNews' review of the HiFiMAN Arya, first published on July 19th, 2019:

“A lot of time has passed since I heard a close to perfect headphone. The linearity and true to the recording nature of Arya of mind-boggling. Not only because it will please a vast majority of listeners, but because searching for a perfect mate in terms of amplification becomes much easier. Choose a super linear amp that offers gobs of power like the newest Headamp GSX Mini or Aune S7 Pro and you are good to go.

“In terms of sonics there is almost nothing to complain about them. Hifiman had a really long way in planar-magnetic design and all those years of experience paid off bit time. Hats off to Hifiman for this impressive technical achievement! [...]


  • Excellent comfort levels, you almost don’t feel them on your head
  • Nice fit and finish, love the huge ear cup design and ear-pad material
  • Impressive depth and pin-point imaging, very easy to focus on any note
  • Open wide soundstage, most transparent sounding
  • Airiest open-back planar-magnetic headphone I’ve tested
  • Linear and neutral as a straight line
  • Super extended in the sub-bass and sub-sonic treble regions
  • Among the best dynamics a headphone can have
  • Excellent detail retrieval


  • Plastic cups, pleather headband and ear-pads
  • Not that easy to drive
  • Slam is good but not the best”

    From Audio46's review of the HiFiMAN Arya, first published on November 24th, 2018:

    “In terms of listening enjoyment, these cans might be my favorite in the Hifiman line-up. Warm, colorful and very well-balanced, the Arya reminds me of the Ananda, but with a bit more character. Is it as skilled with respect to clarity? Perhaps not. But if you’re looking for personality with a sound signature that suits almost all genres (Bob Dylan fans beware), the Arya is a great choice.”


    From HiFiNews' review of the HiFiMAN Arya, first published on October 28th, 2019:

    “With their generous ovoid cups the Aryas allow ample space for the ears, while swivelling yokes ensure a comfortable but evenly spread pressure to the head. These are non-fatiguing to use over extended listening periods, being neither bright nor bass-heavy. Indeed, their excellent tonal and spatial presentation make for a strong commendation for critical listening over a wide range of music genres.”


    From Audiofi.net's review of the HiFiMAN Arya, first published on December 17th, 2019:

    “The Arya, much like its name, is a seductive and alluring pair of headphones. The amazing linearity and coherence that was present on my testing tracks proved how articulate they are.

    “There’s no doubt the Hifiman Arya headphones will satisfy many owners, with their beautiful tonal balance coupled with the massive and laser-sharp staging. Hifiman has really hit the jackpot with this one. Just keep in mind that I had my amp set to its highest gain for the Arya.”


    Editor’s note: Emphases ours.