FiiO BTR5 2021 vs FiiO BTR7: Comparison

Deciphering the Differences

When diving into the world of Hi-Fi Bluetooth DAC/Amps, FiiO remains a brand of undeniable prowess. The FiiO BTR5 2021 and the FiiO BTR7 are two models that have earned the spotlight. This article aims to delve into their features, examining their performance, design, usability, and unique aspects. Let's unearth the specifics that might make one of these devices the crown jewel of your audio gear.

Dimensions and Portability: Slight Edge to FiiO BTR5 2021

The BTR5 2021 impresses with its diminutive 2.8" long edge and a weight that barely tips the scale at just over an ounce, making it an ideal choice for those who value compactness. On the other hand, the BTR7, whose long edge measures at 3.2", offers a very slightly larger build but compensates with a vibrant color IPS display. For users who lean towards ultimate portability and a lightweight profile, the BTR5 2021 might be the preferred choice.

DAC and Audio Architecture: Advantage for the BTR7

Both the BTR5 2021 and the BTR7 employ the high-performance ESS ES9219C DACs, with each housing two of these DACs. However, what sets the BTR7 apart is its incorporation of dual THX AAA-28 amplifiers. These amplifiers grant the BTR7 an impressive 88% boost in single-ended power output and a 30% increase in balanced power output compared to previous models. While both models deliver robust DAC performance, the addition of the THX amplifiers gives the BTR7 a distinct advantage in audio architecture.

Bluetooth Capabilities: Slight Advantage for FiiO BTR7

While both devices stand out in their Bluetooth capabilities, the BTR7's Qualcomm QCC5124 chip, supporting high-res formats, might have a slight edge over BTR5 2021's CSR 8675 chip. Both support lossless codecs, but the dual DSP and dual-core CPU architecture in BTR7 might offer a more stable connection.

Power and Charging: Clear Edge for FiiO BTR7

With an impressive 880mAh battery and both wired and wireless charging options, the BTR7 takes a decisive lead in this category. In comparison, the BTR5 2021's 550mAh battery, albeit with a quick charging time, feels a bit limited.

User Interface and Additional Features: BTR7 Shines

The BTR7 boasts a radiant 1.3” IPS color display, offering users a visually engaging experience. This, combined with its one-click dongle mode and wireless charging, lends it an edge in terms of usability.


Both the FiiO BTR5 2021 and the FiiO BTR7 bring remarkable capabilities to the table. The BTR5 2021 shines in portability and simplicity, making it ideal for those who must have the smallest portable possible. The BTR7, with its enhanced battery, wireless charging, and display, seems to cater more towards users who crave advanced features in their audio gear. In the end, the choice narrows down to personal preferences and use-cases.