FiiO K11 Reviews Compendium

What Reviewers Are Saying About the FiiO K11

The FiiO K11 is a DAC/Amp that provides more bang for your buck than a bank robbery. Clocking in at a mere $129, this multi-input powerhouse is serious about sound, no matter what its price tag might lead you to believe.

If you’re interested in what people are saying about it, dive into our Reviews Compendium, your one-stop shop for the condensed wisdom of the audiophile community. Here, we've distilled a plethora of reviews from across the web into bite-sized snapshots—think of it as the ultimate TL;DR of what the critics and users are saying. Whether you’re crunched for time or just want the highlights without wading through technical jargon, this compendium offers a quick, easy glimpse that captures the essence of each review. It’s the perfect way to gauge the buzz around the K11 without blowing your whole afternoon. 



From Gizaudio’s review of the FiiO K11, first published on October 29th, 2023:

“In terms of pure sound performance: it’s very good for the price. What makes this device such an incredible value are its power output and features. There are very few devices that give you all of this for $129.”

From Scientific Audiophile’s review of the FiiO K11, first published on January 4th, 2024:

“If I had to pick between the FiiO K11 and the TOPPING DX3+ Pro, I’d go with the FiiO K11.” 

From The Honest Audiophile’s review of the FiiO K11, first published on January 30th, 2024:

“I’m rather impressed by it. It does everything you need for an IEM listener or casual headphone listener. I highly recommend it for anyone looking for a budget, all-in-one DAC/Amp with a neutral, natural, analytical presentation.” 

From Fresh Review’s review of the FiiO K11, first published on November 6th, 2023:

“For what you’re getting, it’s a solid performer.”

From BadSeed Tech’s review of the FiiO K11, first published on December 20th, 2023:

“It sounds good. I have heard better, obviously, but if you’re a user who’s primarily a gamer—you like to listen to music but not critically—you just enjoy it—you run a lot of IEMs—this is extremely solid for the price point. This is the one right here. They killed it with this thing.” 

From NoThemeReviews’ review of the FiiO K11, first published on October 29th, 2023:

"Ultimately, the K11 performed very well. It has simple functionality. It's small enough to fit anywhere. And, at least during my time with it, it performed flawlessly....The K11 clearly stands apart from Schiit. Given how much Schiit charges for a comparable product, I think the K11 is a far better alternative to a Schiit stack."

From Audio46’s review of the FiiO K11, first published on April 25th, 2024:

“As usual, FiiO is giving you a lot for the price. The K11 not only offers a commendable level of power, but also just makes your music sound audibly better. With an intricate, highly controlled delivery and more spacious imaging, the K11 brings just enough character to your headphone’s sound without manipulating its essence. The only major downside to the K11 is the lack of MQA support. But if you’re not a Tidal streamer, who cares; for $130, the K11 overdelivers in every other way."

From Headfonia’s review of the FiiO K11, first published on November 27th, 2023:

“The FiiO K11 stands out as a device that provides substantial value, solid performance, and practical features for its cost. It’s a DAC-AMP that handles its primary job with a level of competence that one might expect from higher-priced equipment. The sound quality is clean and neutral, offering a transparent canvas that doesn’t interfere with the signatural characteristics of the connected audio gear. This level of sonic integrity, especially in a budget-friendly unit, is commendable.”

From Headfonics’ review of the FiiO K11, first published on November 24th, 2023:

“At $129.99 the K11 integrated DAC and headphone amplifier is a bit of a no-brainer. An affordable desktop DAC/AMP that can deliver excellent power with a very neutral tonal quality is impressive.”

From Android Central’s review of the FiiO K11, first published on January 21st, 2024:

“The Fiio K11 fundamentally changes the value conversation, with the DAC offering a tremendous set of features at just $129. You get a balanced 4.4mm out along with the standard 6.35mm out, the DAC has a new design that looks much more elegant than the K5 Pro and K7, and it connects over USB-C. It uses a plug-and-play interface, so you don't need to install any drivers — you can even connect it to a PS5. The sound is neutral and balanced, and the K11 does a terrific job allowing IEMs and headsets to shine. There is more than enough power available here, and the best part is the value — you don't get quite as many features with any other DAC today.”

From Audiophile Heaven’s review of the FiiO K11, first published on April 19th, 2024:

“At the end of the day, if you’re looking for the ultimate transparency, a neutral DAC/Amp that wont’ change the tuning and sound of your IEMs and headphones, and if you want enough driving power for any pair of headphones, but a low background noise, a sound that can be enjoyed both at loud and quiet volumes, FiiO K11 is an excellent and fully recommended product through and through.” 

From Forbes’ review of the FiiO K11, first published on January 4th, 2024:

“The FiiO K11 has a superbly smooth sound with plenty of detail and an open soundstage. The distortion levels are low, so you’re unlikely to get a headache even if you listen to music all day. The overall tone is mellow, but there’s no sluggishness in the attack and presentation of the music. The K11 is a top-tier performer, although my one criticism is the lack of support for MQA. I know many people claim not to like the efficient codec, but it can save a lot of data bandwidth, especially when streaming away from home or relying on your phone’s wireless hotspot. That said, the FiiO K11 makes an ideal desk companion and if you use it vertically, it won’t even take up too much space on your desk.”

From Headphonesty’s review of the FiiO K11, first published on March 13th, 2024:

“The FiiO K11 is the ultimate entry into desktop listening at its price. Versatility, aesthetics, usability, and decent sound converge in this slick package. Superior sound will cost you twice as much, while adding convenience pushes the price up fivefold. It's less ideal for a living room setup due to the lack of remote and wireless connectivity. Yet, for those willing to move or looking for a desktop only device, it’s a great fit. Average technicalities hinder it as a base for upgrading, but as a starting point for budding audiophiles, it's unbeatable.”