Ray Tubes’ CORE Collection Rolls Out Next Week

From Single Product to Product Suite

If you’ve been following Ray Tubes, you’ve seen the brand quickly grow from a single product sold by Apos into a rapidly-expanding suite of products run by a standalone team. While Ray Tubes' first steps were slow and cautious as they felt out the market, they've now hit the ground running. Their vision is now to provide vacuum tubes of every type for every amp brand and model, all available at three distinct price points. Three distinct price points? That’s right. Today they've revealed the next step in their evolution: the CORE Collection, available next week. 

What’s the CORE Collection?

The CORE Collection is your gateway into the world of vacuum tubes—perfect for those curious about vintage sound but not yet ready to invest heavily. Priced around $25 for a single tube and $55 for a matched pair of 12AU7, CORE tubes make tube-rolling accessible without the sticker shock. This collection lets you experience the reliability of new production quality as well as the safety net of their one-year warranty for less than ever. 

Understanding Our Collections: CORE, SELECT, and RESERVE

Now that we've introduced our three collections, let's dive a bit deeper and refresh our understanding of what each one offers.

  • CORE Collection: This is the entry-level lineup ideal for those new to tube rolling. It’s reliable, affordable, and a fantastic way to start exploring different audio profiles. Whether you're upgrading from standard factory tubes or experimenting with your first audio system, the CORE collection offers a solid foundation.
  • SELECT Collection: Designed for the audiophile ready to elevate their sound system. These tubes provide enhanced clarity and depth, turning a good amp into a great one. Each tube accentuates the nuances of your music with rich detail, making this collection suitable for those who want more from their audio equipment and are eager to explore greater auditory dimensions.
  • RESERVE Collection: The pinnacle of Ray Tubes' offerings, crafted for high-end audiophile systems. This collection delivers impeccable sound quality, with tubes that produce breathtaking vocal clarity and deep dynamics. Aimed at the most discerning listeners, the RESERVE collection offers an unparalleled audio experience, showcasing the best of what modern vacuum tubes can achieve in high-fidelity setups.

What Do Ray Tubes Sound Like?

We could sing Ray Tubes’ praises all day, but that’s sort of like a proud mother praising her child. You’re just not going to believe we’re being objective. So instead, read what the reviewers are saying…

Joshua Valour on the 12AU7 SELECT:

"In one word: coherent. Compared to stock tubes, they're more clear. They have a more well-defined and solid bass response. The real differences lie in the upper mid-range and treble response. The fidelity of the upper mid-range is actually quite significantly better than that of the stock tubes....the sound-staging width is a lot more substantial." 

SoundNews on the 12AU7 SELECT:

"Resolving...clear-sounding...you can hear more music and less noise...tight...smooth....warm....."

Zeos Pantera on the 12AU7 SELECT:

"They add an overall veil of comfy."

iiWi Reviews on the 12AU7 SELECT:

"These proved to be so good, so resolving, yet never harsh, never annoying...instead they combine really smooth and natural sounds with higher-resolving, really open, really spacious sounds that we expect from great tubes." 

Prime Audio Reviews on the 6SN7 SELECT:

“It was quite a revelation for me. Never in the past have I heard such a significant change over stock tubes. They offer a markedly warmer and smoother sound. Treble notes are more rounded and softer. They romanticize the sound. They move away from clinical exactness and instead favor a more musical presentation.” 

Are Ray Tubes Worth It?

The team behind Ray Tubes fully recognizes the concerns regarding the price of their vacuum tubes and they want to reassure you of the value they offer. Unlike New Old Stock (NOS) tubes, which often vary in quality and are increasingly scarce, Ray vacuum tubes are newly manufactured and meticulously chosen by experienced audio engineers. Every tube undergoes rigorous testing and is held to the highest standards of quality and reliability. The CORE, SELECT, and RESERVE collections each demonstrate Ray Tubes' commitment to excellence, from the hands-on selection process to their strict quality controls. Additionally, a 12-month warranty underscores their confidence in their products' performance and durability. They invest extensively in every step to ensure that their tubes not only replicate the revered vintage sound but also provide a consistent and superior audio experience that’s free from the risks of buying NOS vacuum tubes. 

Which Tube Do I Need for My Amp? 

The world of vacuum tubes can be a labyrinth, with countless types and variants out there—it’s enough to make anyone’s head spin. To simplify things, Ray Tubes has created a handy tube compatibility list. This guide is your map to matching Ray vacuum tubes with various major amp models.

A Lot More Where That Came From

While the three collections are now available, Ray Tubes isn't stopping here—they'll be rolling out more types and varieties in the months to come. Dive into their current offerings and stay tuned—they've only just begun. 

If there's a specific amp model you think should be included in Ray Tubes' compatibility list, please let them know. They're also eager to hear which types of tubes you'd like them to add to their lineup. Your feedback helps them ensure that their compatibility guide remains user-friendly and that their lineup becomes increasingly comprehensive. Reach out to help@raytubes.audio.