FiiO K19 Reviews Compendium

Does the FiiO K19 Stand Out from the Crowd?

It seems like every day another DAC/Amp hits the market, each one dubbed a flagship—there are more flagships out there than a naval parade at this point. But here comes the FiiO K19, sailing in with its $1,299 price tag and a spec sheet that reads like an audiophile's wish list. Packed with dual ESS DACs and a whopping 31-band PEQ, the K19 isn't just joining the fray, it looks like it’s aiming to blow the rest to smithereens. 

Wondering if the K19 lives up to its own hype? Our Reviews Compendium has got you covered. We’ve trawled through the internet's endless sea of opinions to bring you the cream of the crop in bite-sized TLDR form. Whether you’re on a tight schedule or just allergic to technical jargon, this compendium offers a quick, digestible roundup that distills what the critics and tech heads are raving—or ranting—about. So grab a snack, kick back, and let’s see how the FiiO K19 shapes up. 



From SoundNews’ review of the FiiO K19, first published on April 3rd, 2024:

“The K19 feels like the K9 Pro ESS on steroids. Everything improved. The sound is clearer. You can finally use all the hardest-to-drive headphones out there. You can watch movies or play games, thanks to the HDMI inputs and outputs. The best part? It’s cooler looking than ever.”

From Fresh Reviews’ review of the FiiO K19, first published on April 29th, 2024:

"It's an exceptionally good unit. It's great for gaming, music listening, with very great imaging and soundstage and space that picks up a lot of great detail and depth." 

From The Honest Audiophiles’ review of the FiiO K19, first published on April 9th, 2024:

“Exceptional. I truly do love it. If you’re looking for a DAC/Amp all-in-one with power to burn and a natural/neutral presentation, I highly recommend it.” 

From Tech Power Up’s review of the FiiO K19, first published on April 18th, 2024:


  • Extremely feature rich all-in-one device that will meet most needs
  • Clean, engaging sound signature with no distortion
  • 31-band PEQ with onboard profiles
  • Extensive input and output connections
  • Plenty of power to drive the vast majority of headphones and IEMs in the market
  • Ability to work as just a DAC with your own amplifier
  • Can be used as a preamp with active speakers
  • Onboard display screen
  • FiiO Control app makes customization quite simple and adds more options
  • Dedicated DSP engine with software control
  • ASIO drivers help make the most of USB mode
  • Bluetooth 5.0 LE connectivity with all the popular codecs supported
  • Horizontal or vertical placement possible
  • Good build quality and design
  • Great set of accessories


  • Hefty price increase over predecessor
  • I2S and external clock inputs would have been nice
  • Vertical orientation might be a mess with heavy cables dangling from the back
  • Relatively small volume wheel that doesn't feel as good to use as on the predecessor”

From Headfonics’ review of the FiiO K19, first published on April 6th, 2024:

“The FiiO K19 serves as a comprehensive, all-in-one desktop DAC and headphone amplifier for users seeking impressive audio performance, compatibility with consoles and various sources, and who also possess a diverse collection of headphones.”

From Android Central’s review of the FiiO K19, first published on October 29th, 2023:

“Fiio didn't leave anything out in the K19; the DAC has extensive analog and digital connectivity, and you even get HDMI ports and Bluetooth 5.1. The all-new aluminum design with the honeycomb pattern is stunning, and it makes the DAC much more elegant. Delivering up to 8W of power, the K19 can drive any headset on the planet, and it delivers a distinct sound that's wonderfully rich and detailed. You also get a screen that shows playback information, and a built-in DSP engine that lets you tweak the EQ to your heart's content. If you're in need of a high-end DAC, the K19 is the one to get.”