Gallery: See How the Apos Caspian Is Made

Get a behind-the-scenes look at how the Apos Caspian headphones are made. See the production of an ear cup step-by-step from piece of wood to piece of art. 

The ear cups are precision-milled with a CNC machine and then stacked before sanding and polishing by hand.


These ear cups have just been artificially aged with a mixture of oil and cuttlefish ink. Now they’re being coated with three layers of eco-friendly varnish, with a hand-sanding after each coat.


Each pair of cups is crafted symmetrically from one solid piece of oak and then labeled to avoid mix-up. 


That’s a lot of ear cups. 


These acoustic flanges will sit between the ear cup and the ear pad. 


An acoustically transparent fabric is glued to each the flange to keep dust and particulates out of the driver. 


The ear cup is being prepped for driver installation. Please clear the operating room. 


The driver pairs have been matched and tested and are now waiting to be installed in their very own Apos Caspian. 


Driver, meet ear cup. Ear cup, driver.


Zzzt! The drivers have been soldered with high-quality litz wire. 


Time to add the grilles. 


This grille is ready to roll. 


View of the grille from the inside. Viewer discretion advised. 


The grilles are making themselves at home in their new ear cups. 


Assembly complete! Now they’re off to meet their headband.