Introducing the Apos Audiosphere

A Whole World of Sound

Our vision has always been to bring you the best audio equipment at the lowest prices, and now we’re expanding that vision to include our very own line of audio equipment: the Apos Audiosphere.

We’re partnering with sound designers like Sandu Vitalie from SoundNews, manufacturers like Kennerton Audio, and other engineers and artisans from around the world to make this an incredible and exciting set of products.

At the time of this post, the Apos Audiosphere includes the Apos Flow headphone and RCA cables and the Apos Caspian headphones. Soon it will include XLR cables, DACs, amps, and accessories.

Explore the Apos Caspian.

Explore the Apos Flow.

Why "Audiosphere"?

Before we decided on the name Audiosphere, we noticed a symmetry between the audio chain and the hydrosphere, or the systems and patterns of water movement on Earth. Just as water flows from mountain to river to sea, the audio signal flows from DAC to amp to headphone. We loved the symmetry so much that we decided to name our product line after it, and the name Apos Audiosphere was born.

We’ve extended that naming scheme to the individual products, as well. Our cables are named Flow, while our first headphone is named after the Caspian Sea, the largest inland body of water on Earth. In the months and years to come, we’ll roll out DACs (named after mountains), amps (named after rivers), and accessories—an ecosystem of products that work naturally together.