Gustard H16 Amp Now Available on Apos Audio

Apos Audio is pleased to offer the Gustard H16 Amp for sale at $399.99. When purchased on Apos, the Gustard H16 comes with the Apos Promise for: Free Returns, Free Priority Shipping,  an Extended 2-Year Warranty, and our 30-Day Lowest Price Match (which has been extended for this year’s Holiday Season!).

The Gustard H16 Amp is the natural pairing for the recently released Gustard X16 DAC, which has top-notch SINAD ratings and is the first DAC ever to have an MQA renderer built-in to its chipset. The H16 amp provides huge amounts of power that can drive all headphones in our store without adding noise or distortion. The H16 is not only powerful, but also fully-balanced: three out of its four outputs are balanced. 

For more information, please check out the Gustard H16 product page. If you would like more information or have a question, please reach out to our support team through our website’s live chat. You can also email us at “support @” and we’ll get back to you asap!