New from SMSL: VMV T2 MQA CD Player Media Center

Introducing the SMSL VMV T2: Your New Audio Command Center

Ever wondered what it would be like if your CD player took a few tech classes and graduated with honors in digital media? Meet the SMSL VMV T2 MQA CD Player Media Center—a device that's less "old-school gadget" and more "next-gen marvel." 

Why You Need the SMSL VMV T2

Remember those stacks of CDs collecting dust in the corner? The VMV T2 is here to make them feel relevant again. It takes those vintage tunes and gives them a modern makeover with its P.A.S.S. system. And it doesn't stop there. Whether you're streaming high-res audio or plugging in a USB, this player’s MQA full decoding makes sure your sound is as crisp and clear as an alpine stream.

P.A.S.S.: Master of precision

P.A.S.S., or Precision Access Servo System, is the SMSL T2 VMV’s secret weapon against jittery CD playback. Developed over two years, it’s a finely-tuned servo system that ensures your CDs are read quickly and accurately, dodging the common pitfalls of disc errors and vibrations. With SMSL’s custom vibration-damping technology, your music stays uninterrupted, delivering a smooth and stable performance every time.

MQA Decoding: Audio Nirvana

Got a treasure trove of high-resolution audio files? The VMV T2 treats them with the respect they deserve. With MQA full decoding, whether you’re streaming or using USB, you get up to 32-bit/768kHz and DSD512 quality. That’s audio so pristine, you’ll feel like you’re in the recording studio.

USB Support: Plug and Play Mastery

Remember when connecting your devices meant a headache of compatibility issues? With the T2’s USB support, those days are over. It handles up to 32-bit/768kHz and DSD512, and it plays nice with Windows, Mac, Android, or iOS. Just plug in and let the music flow.

Bluetooth: Cutting the Cord, Not the Quality

Bluetooth on the T2 VMV isn’t your average wireless connection. It’s like the first-class lounge of Bluetooth standards, supporting LDAC 24-bit/96kHz, aptX HD, SBC, and AAC. Translation? You get wireless audio that’s just as rich and immersive as your wired setup.

Why the SMSL VMV T2 Is a Must-Have

With its CNC suspended three-dimensional panels, the VMV T2 not only looks sleek but also controls vibrations for that clean, undisturbed sound. The all-aluminum remote is as stylish as it is durable, making control a pleasure rather than a chore.

The SMSL VMV T2 isn’t just another CD player. It’s a versatile media center that brings your audio into the modern era while respecting the past. Whether you’re a die-hard audiophile or just someone who wants their music to sound incredible, the VMV T2 has you covered.

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