New from SMSL: H400 Headphone Amplifier

Serious Sound: SMSL H400 Headphone Amplifier

Imagine you’re about to sit down for a solo listening session. You’ve got your favorite headphones ready, the playlist queued up, but something’s missing—power. If your current amp can’t keep up, it’s time to meet the SMSL H400. This powerhouse is here to supercharge your setup. Let’s dive into why the H400 is the upgrade you didn’t know you needed, but definitely deserve.

Bye-Bye, Flat Sound. Hello, Sonic Bliss

Ever tried running a marathon in flip-flops? That’s what it’s like trying to drive high-impedance headphones with an underpowered amp. The H400, on the other hand, is like strapping on a pair of rocket-powered sneakers. It pushes out a beastly 15W per channel at 16Ω, making even the most demanding headphones sing. 

Gain Control: Because One Size Does Not Fit All

Every headphone is unique, and the H400 gets it. With high, medium, and low gain settings, you can fine-tune the output to perfectly match your headphones and listening preferences. Crank it up for a session with your power-hungry planar magnetics or dial it back for those delicate in-ears. 

Smooth Power On and Gain Switching

You’re settling in, ready to escape into your music, and just as you turn on your amp—BAM—a jarring pop. Not cool. The H400 eliminates that annoying start-up noise with a refined design that ensures smooth power-on and silent gain switching. Flip the gain, turn it on, and enjoy the peace—until your music kicks in and takes you on a sonic adventure.

Preamp Powerhouse

Why stop at driving headphones? The H400 moonlights as a high-end preamp, making it a versatile addition to any setup. Connect it to your power amps or active speakers and watch it transform your audio system into something truly remarkable.

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