New Group Buys: Gizmo Engineering GK6 Keyboard Kit & Gizmo Workspace Essentials

Gizmo Engineering GK6 Keyboard Kit & Gizmo Workspace Essentials

Ready to turn your workspace from “mid” to “magnificent”? Say hello to our latest group buys: the Gizmo Engineering GK6 Keyboard Kit and the dynamic duo of Gizmo Silicone Work Mat and Gizmo CNC Aluminum Parts Tray. These Group Buys are ready to revolutionize your desk game.. Let’s dig in, shall we?

Gizmo Engineering GK6 Keyboard Kit: Tiny Keyboard, Major Attitude

Minimalists, this one’s for you. The GK6 Keyboard Kit is a pint-sized powerhouse, ideal for anyone who thinks clutter is a four-letter word. This 50% ortholinear wonder isn’t just compact—it’s a full-on game-changer for your fingers. Forget the keyboard yoga that leaves your hands cramping by lunch; with the GK6, every key is a fingertip away.

  • Material Choices: Feeling traditional? Go with the OG steel plate and its silky Cerakote finish. Want something lighter? The anodized aluminum version is calling your name. 
  • QMK Firmware: Dive into the QMK firmware and mold this baby to your every whim. Customize those layers and layouts so you can work, game, or scroll through cat videos with the precision of a pro.
  • Hot-Swappable PCB: Swap out switches like a keyboard connoisseur—no soldering iron needed. Find your dream switch combo and leave the molten metal for the blacksmiths.
  • Premium Build: Forged from a solid chunk of aluminum and dressed in a laser-cut steel plate, this board is tough enough to handle your rage quits and your all-nighters. Plus, the ceramic coating keeps it looking snazzy.

Gizmo Workspace Essentials: Silicone Work Mat & CNC Aluminum Parts Tray

Gizmo Silicone Work Mat: Desk’s Best Friend

Tired of turning your desk into a disaster zone every time you tinker? Enter the Gizmo Silicone Work Mat. Heat-resistant and loaded with dividers, it’s the perfect playground for all your keyboard shenanigans. No more lost screws or stray springs—just pure organization.

Gizmo CNC Aluminum Parts Tray: The Cool Kid on the Aluminum Block

Add a splash of sophistication to your desk with the Gizmo CNC Aluminum Parts Tray. It’s cut from a solid block of aluminum, anodized black, and finished off with a laser-cut cork bottom. 

How to Get In on the Action

Ready to transform your desk into the ultimate command center? Head over to the Gizmo Engineering GK6 Keyboard Kit group buy page or the Gizmo Silicone Work Mat and Gizmo CNC Aluminum Parts Tray group buy page, pick your poison, and secure your spot. Trust us—these are the desk upgrades you didn’t know you desperately needed.

Happy Typing, Tinkering, and Desk Showing Off!


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