Gizmo Engineering GK6 Keyboard Kit


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Minimalist Keyboard, Major Functionality 

Meet the Gizmo Engineering GK6 Keyboard Kit: where compact design meets capable tech. This 50% build is tiny but mighty—perfect for minimalists who hate clutter but love functionality. The non-staggered ortholinear layout removes the awkward finger stretches that make your hands feel like they’ve run a marathon by noon. The compact form factor means every key is just a quick tap away, making it easier to hit the right letters without needing a GPS.

Material Choices: Steel or Aluminum

Whether you’re into the OG GK6 with its rugged steel plate and smooth Cerakote finish or the fresh GK6 LT with its anodized aluminum plate and case, we’ve got the keyboard to match your style. Go classic or go lightweight—the choice is yours!

Go Wild with QMK Firmware

Get ready to unleash the GK6’s true potential with QMK firmware. Customize function layers and layouts to fit your exact workflow, letting you hit those absent keys without lifting a finger from the home row—literally. Whether you're coding, gaming, or just smashing out emails, QMK lets you bend the keyboard to your will 😈. 

The hot-swap PCB and included keycaps support multiple bottom-row layouts:

  • 8x 1u, 2x 2u (Split 2u spacebars)

  • 10x 1u, 1x 2u (Single 2u spacebar)

  • 12x 1u (All 1us)

Hot-Swappable PCB

Say goodbye to the soldering iron and hello to easy switch swapping. With the GK6’s hot-swap PCB, customizing your keyboard is as simple as pressing in the switches and popping on the keycaps. Want to mix and match switches? Go for it. Find your perfect switch combo and leave the soldering iron in the dust.

Premium Build Quality

The GK6 is carved from a single chunk of aluminum and crowned with a laser-cut steel plate. Built tough with an ultra-durable ceramic coating, this baby’s designed to take a beating and still look fabulous. 

Optional Sound Dampener

Need to keep it down? The GK6 Sound Dampener is here to hush those clicks and clacks. Pop this optional accessory on, and your keyboard will be as stealthy as it is sleek. Perfect for keeping the peace in shared spaces or when you’re typing away into the wee hours without waking the whole house.

Product Highlights

  • Ergonomic 50% ortholinear layout

  • Choice between steel and anodized aluminum plates

  • QMK firmware for full customization

  • Hot-swappable PCB for easy switch changes

  • Premium unibody aluminum casing

  • Optional GK6 Sound Dampener

  • Full per-key RGB lighting

  • Designed by Gizmo Engineering

  • Compatible with Cherry MX switches

  • No soldering required for assembly


  • Designed by Gizmo Engineering

  • Cherry MX Compatible

  • Full per-key RGB

  • Fully programmable QMK firmware

  • Wired USB-C

  • Compatibility: Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, IOS

  • Case: unibody machined aluminum, with Cerakote finish

  • Laser-cut steel plate, with Cerakote finish

  • Keycaps: PBT, XDA profile, dye-sublimated legends

  • Dimensions: 250 ⨯ 116 ⨯ 31 mm

  • Weight: 810g

  • Each casing is marked with the progressive production number

  • 2-year limited warranty

  • Made in Italy

What’s Included

  • 1x GK6 main board

  • 1x GK6 plate

  • 1x GK6 case

  • 1x GK6 PBT XDA keyset (63x 1U, 2x 2U)

  • 10x M3x6 screws

  • 4x rubber feet

  • 1x USB C to USB A cable

  • 1x Switches puller

  • 1x Quickstart guide

  • 2x Gizmo Engineering stickers

What’s Included with the Optional GK6 Sound Dampener

  • 1x GK6 silicone dampener

  • 4x Plastic screws

  • 2x Gizmo Engineering stickers

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